Laurel Papworth on Australian Open NFTs and Metaverse with Roblox
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Australian Open and Roblox ~ Metaverse progression ~ Best selling Australian NFT

Australian Open and Roblox – 120,000 visitors in the first day. Last year the NFTs made the top 10 NFTs by sales globally. I take SilkCharm in to play a game of tennis in Roblox!

While SilkCharm shows off her tennis skills in Roblox (or lack thereof) I want to discuss Australian Open migration from Decentraland to Roblox, the first day figures plus integrated metaverse multi channel marketing (or lack thereof) and how Australian Open came 9th last year in the best selling NFTs globally!

Laurel Papworth on Metaverse, Australian Open and NFTs

Transcript for Lecture on Metaverse, Australian Open and Roblox with NFTs

Hello, my name is Laurel Papworth and I’m a Metaverse mentor and social media expert and also SilkCharm’s real life avatar. So today I’m going to take SilkCharm into Roblox to look at the Australian Open and you’ll be coming with me. But I just quickly wanted to go through a few things. The Australian Open last year was number 9 in the world for NFT revenue. So when it comes to virtual goods like NFTs that are in the blockchain and selling the links to those items, Australian Open it really well I think about 1.4 million on the primary market and another few hundred thousand anyway on the secondary market, which is the resale market. Whoever creates the NFT gets a percentage of any resales forever and a day. With that understanding, given that the Australian Open is happening now in January 2023, I wanted to see how the Australian Open had upped its game. And what I mean by that is you don’t do the same thing year in, year out. When something like Web3 and Metaverse is being birthed into the world, there will be a change, continual change and sure enough, Australian Open has created a virtual world experience in Roblox and they had 120,000 visitors on the first day. [00:00:00.330]

So, as you can see, SilkCharm is not very good at tennis. There are other experiences in world that look entertaining and fun. And given Roblox popularity with children and teens, it is a way of engaging another generation into a brand that otherwise could look old fashioned. Looking at you Olympics, I think it’s under 80% of the population on Roblox are under 25. And so this is a way for Australian Open, or any event really, to find, engage with and keep loyal fans who will be lost to traditional methods of bringing them in. If nobody’s watching live TV anymore and everybody skips ads and they’re engaged in games instead of old TV programmes that run for 25 minutes, I think we’ll see increased importance in doing something to get this generation engaged in older brands. And just a reminder, if you did see my other video, Australian Open did do a did do a launch in, was it Decentraland or Sandbox? I think it was Decentraland last year. So this is moved into Roblox, which is understandable given DAUs daily active users and trying to build experiences there. [00:01:58.650]

Roblox launched on the stock exchange in 2021 for 50 or 60 million US. It’s worth less than that now because of the tech crunch, but I definitely see Roblox as a big player. And I know I don’t mention Roblox as much as I do some of the other virtual worlds like Decentraland and Sandbox, but Roblox is there very popular every time I speak at a conference, that’s what people want to know about, is Roblox and their kids. So that should tell you something. The parents are finding out about these things from their children. 120,000 visitors on the first day. There doesn’t seem to be any integration of offline marketing and online, so they’re not able to tell how many of those people went to the event. If you’re looking at hybrid events, it’s an important move. [00:03:32.330]

Thank you. I hope you found this video interesting. I know there’s a lot on sport, but that’s because, and I explained, I think in the first video, that Australia’s Volksgeist is very sports focused. So it’s often entree to or entry point into the Metaverse through sports. And if people get used to going to sporting events in virtual spaces, then they do it at work, as part of future of work, then we’re going to see them more interested in other entertainment and educational style virtual venues as well. So, yes, I’ll be covering sport for some time to come. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you’re interested in these style of videos, please subscribe and you can also follow me on my socials and send me through any interesting news that you see around the Metaverse web3, nFTs blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, specifically Australia and Southeast Asia. But I’m happy to go global if it’s a global project as well. Thank you. [00:04:25.750]

Actually, I want to take tennis lessons. I wonder if there’s anybody nearby that teaches tennis. I’ll have a look and maybe book in for some classes or maybe I’ll just think about it and won’t do anything at all. Sounds like me. [00:05:40.010]

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