I’m an out and out romantic. An eternal optimist. And I’ve been thinking for a while about an online community for brides. Why? Well, social networks work really well around Rituals and Events, for starters. Plus the site would look sooooo pretty. Aw shucks. I looked at a few of the Australian wedding communities – basically they stuck up a forum and called it a social network.

Wedding Centralphpbb forum, and maybe tinyportal CMS?
i-do.com.au not sure of the forum software, they have a few tools
there was another one I can’t think of right now Diary something.

None of the sites have moved away from being a marketing portal and into a useful social networking tool. They place the wedding directory first and bride second. Celebrante is also a typical directory, although nicely laid out. Ah well. Have you got married lately? Are there better tools/sites out there?

I looked at India, and they have some great “MyWedding” style sites. if you are into Bollywood style weddings, I guess. 🙂 But Australian women like a more laid back, no-fuss wedding. Think of the sites whose primary aim is to sell you a big fuck-off wedding with all the trimmings and how overwhelming it is to use those sites when all you want is to organise a little dinky ceremony and reception.
Pick it up here, for $300.
Hat tip to Cheryl (who is marrying Scott) : Godawful Wedding Crap blog is hilarious. Warning: you will waste hours looking at pictures of penis presents and trying to understand the rationale behind colour co-ordinating your loo water with your bridesmaids flowers.

So there are a few niches left. Any site that is willing to put the bride first and the directory second. And for no-fuss weddings. i.e. a site that is not dedicated to selling as many ads for caterers and flowers and reception-y thingies as possible. There’s enough bridezilla sites out there.

Another is for gay weddings. Amanda and Amanda (yah, I know) are getting engaged. w00t! You Go Girls! As I was saying, gay wedding/ceremony sites could work as social networks, not wedding portals – I looked at:

Gay Weddings
and a UK gay wedding expo
Two Grooms and so on

But none of these sites have what I’m looking for. So I have a proposal for you…

OI! COME BACK! NOT THAT KIND OF PROPOSAL! *puffs* Sheesh. I meant LET’S BUILD A WEDDING SOCIAL NETWORK. Together*stops running* I’ve got some ideas…

Ah yeah, and here’s a picture for Ben Barren:

If you read his blog (and look at the pictures), you’ll understand why. (I’m glad she’s got leg warmers on, wouldn’t want her to catch her death!).

If you are rhyming moon with June sometime soon in Australia, what would you like to be able to do online? Besides mortgaging the flat to pay for the whole damn thing…

EDIT: I forgot a blogroll of the most worthy, readable wedding blogs. Even if you are a marriage shy bloke on the way to the footy, you should take a few minutes this weekend to peruse to your romantic heart’s content. Or not. :p Actually, just go to Manolo Brides. She (Never teh Bride) has got the best blogroll in the world. Humorous and real blogs. Mixed in. Scrumptious.