1. Hi Laurel,

    I am the owner of WeddingPath.com, a UK site which I like to think is a REAL social network for brides. I agree 100% that most other sites are comapny-centric rather than putting the bide first.

    We start by giving our members free, and easy to create personal wedding websites, which they use to showcase their wedding plans. You can see examples of the content which our members create in our gallery here:


    These are real world sites from people whom we’ve never met (i.e. it’s just like facebook or myspace).

    Although we do have a forum (http://www.weddingpath.com/WeddingTalk), it’s hand written just for people getting married (and allows folks to check out other people’s personal sites via links from their posts – providing the member is happy for others to publically view their sites).

    Our vendor directory (http://www.weddingpath.com/vendors/London/page1/category27/group1/size10/list) allows members to vote for their fave wedding businesses, and our online magazine (http://news.weddingpath.com/) puts out regular wedding based news.

    I hope you don’t think that all sites put themselves first – some of us are trying our best to do something different….now if we could only find a rich Australian backer, then we could do the same down under 🙂

    Best wishes
    Sujay Jayaram

    MD – WeddingPath.com

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