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I asked my network on Twitter (hmm a hundred or so followers?) to research how many companies were running tweets to announce news and links, and name them. They told me to not be so cheeky and do my own research…. *grumble* Ah well, a few came through with the goods. Namely Magnetic, JJProjects, NickHodge and gnoll10:

ABC News
CourierMail Breaking News (QLD)
MelbTransport (mspecht bot that delivers melbourne transport delays to Twitter)
BBC – a gazillion Twitter channels

JJProjects pointed out that in the US some Government politicians tweet, but are there any Aussies?


And no, NickHodge, I’m not mentioning Neil Finn.

One way of thinking about Twitter – and trust me, there are as many versions of Twitter as there are people – is as a sort of RSS reader integrated with your buddies bits of news. I like getting the headlines from ABC in amongst silliness from Cybner and PlasmaEgg and the others.

Most of the industry leaders seem to throw out tinyurls to articles of interest every few minutes. Which is so not me. But I’m glad they do it!

Anyway, you lazy so-and-so’s, any others I’ve missed?

EDIT: I forgot HatchThat, Entrepreneurial conversations delivered to your inbox every Wednesday.

Scouta – social media news feed
NewChinaCareer jobs in China
Truemors Guy Kawasaki
TechCrunch …. all from MSpecht

I just noticed that TechCrunch was giving away Beta access to Seesmic yesterday on their Twitter feed. What a great idea!

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2 thoughts on “Australia: Twitter for Business

  1. Sorry I missed your call out for input.

    Correct, there are lots of different uses of Twitter. For example Scouta are publishing some of their top picks via http://twitter.com/scouta. Or job ads in China, http://twitter.com/newchinacareer.

    I’m sure you know that there is also Techmeme, Truemors & TechCrunch.

    Given it is so easy to “feed” the Twitter API any organisation IT dept should be able to set this up.

  2. this would be the same IT depts that have been so proactive in getting corporate blogs set up, and map mashups and community discussion for their companies clients and vendors, and widgets for latest PR news and …. hmmm? *end sarcasm* 😀

    Thanks, I knew about Truemors (GuyKawasaki) but not the others.

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