1. Sorry I missed your call out for input.

    Correct, there are lots of different uses of Twitter. For example Scouta are publishing some of their top picks via http://twitter.com/scouta. Or job ads in China, http://twitter.com/newchinacareer.

    I’m sure you know that there is also Techmeme, Truemors & TechCrunch.

    Given it is so easy to “feed” the Twitter API any organisation IT dept should be able to set this up.

  2. this would be the same IT depts that have been so proactive in getting corporate blogs set up, and map mashups and community discussion for their companies clients and vendors, and widgets for latest PR news and …. hmmm? *end sarcasm* 😀

    Thanks, I knew about Truemors (GuyKawasaki) but not the others.

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