1. The list is all about quantity. What about quality? I actively follow @SilkCharm, @Lilylauren, @trib, @johnlacey @kerryank not because of influence but because I enjoy the updates – they prompt ideas and responses (LOL). Love to hear your suggestions.

  2. So, so true.

    I too have become anxious about these lists that keep popping up, ever since I discovered my blog in the top 100 Aussie blogs over at blogpond.com.au. Since then I broke the top ten in Julian Cole’s top 100 Aussie Marketing blogs, two spots behind your good self. Now the terror hits. What if I drop like a stone in the next chart like a huge one hit wonder? How embarrassment? I mean, who wants to be the blogging equivalent of Joe Dolce’s ‘Shaddap You Face’?

    So now I stress out every time my Technorati score wobbles. Ever time a blog link doesn’t get reflected in my score I curse the heavens at the unfairness of it all. We all know the inaccuracy of Technorati and Alexa rankings and how subjective a lot of this stuff is. But maintaining these rankings can seem like nailing jelly to a wall.

    I know I have a dip in technorati rank due next month from a boost in inbound links I had back in May falling off the six month cycle. I have a few weeks to somehow coax a pile of new lnks to stay where I am. Was blogging meant to be this stressful?

  3. I liked the “invisible audience” a lot more when they stayed invisible.
    Oh the heady days when a comment might appear, after weeks of no-comments. Tho come to think of it, I remember stressing about the lack of comments back then.

    Now it’s numbers. I feel like a marketing director whos job is solely to measure reach and impact of banner ads.

    Will be reduced soon to a quivering mess, going around to blogs begging for links and scraps. I hope I didn’t step on too many ppl on the way up, as I head down…

    All humour aside – search ‘blogger suicide’. That will show you stressed out bloggers! Yechh.

  4. Oh the pressure.

    As a new blogger, I’ve deliberately decided to not look at the numbers for a bit.

    I’m was on a high after my first comment. I couldn’t believe it, actually I got two comments..on the one post! I was so excited I responded with hastily typed illthought out reply.

    Then comes the regret. Then the despair that follows with several comment free posts.

    I’ve recovered now but I’m going to stay ignorant for a while and try keep my blood pressure low.

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