I’m beginning to get nervous around Top Lists.
First Question: What if I’m not on it?
Well, internationally, I’ve made it onto the Power150 Media and Marketing blog list at AdAge (Advertising Age).
#123 Laurel Papworth Social Network Marketing. Globally!
… which is quite stressful because every time Technorati stuffs up, I drop 100 points. Talking of Technorati
#27,646 blogger (any subject) in the world. Not bad for this blog!
… they lost my blog. Recovered it, now lost my fans. So I’ve dropped Authority to 170, yet am in the top 30k of bloggers in the world. Considering there are a hundred million blogs (kid you not), that’s not bad.

On top of Technorati breaking and effecting both my Technorati ranking AND my AdAge ranking, Google broke about 5 days ago and started showing that I had between 2 and 8 visitors per day to this blog. It’s slowly improving – though the 130 for yesterday is 1/5 of normal and 1/10th of subscribers overall.

See what I mean? A nightmare. Life was easier when noone read my blog: I sang while working, trilling little happy ditties and danced to lectures, samba’ing into workshops. I stopped doing that stuff when I started worrying about rankings and SEO and keywords and whatnots.

Now Nick Holmes aCourt has a list for me to worry about – of infuential Australian Twitterers:

Australia’s Top 100 Influential Twitterers


Click for the full list

Second Question: How many hours did I fritter to get on even one of these top lists?
Let’s not even go there.