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I have a hobby. And no, it’ s not computer games, virtual worlds or hanging around on Facebook. That’s work, not hobby! Heh.

I do acting. I find it’s not intellectual, but emotional. It’s not sitting still but involves the body. In other words, it gets me out of cyberspace and grounded in real space like nothing else. Watching TV is too much like a non-participatory headspace of the ‘net. Acting however is a whole different experience. So if you’ve seen me from time to time in the Sony ad or Foxtel NRL, it’s cos I like to phaff around with sets and scripts and playing dressups. Watch carefully next time you have the TV on. And watch the ads (those things that interrupt programs).

So one of the effects of web 2.0 is to push services towards brokering, not owning the services. Think dating sites. You used to have to go in, sit in a chair, answer questions, then a staff member (marriage consultant?) would take your questionnaire and find prospective dates for you. Now you go online, use a broker like RSVP or PlentyOfFish (name like that?) and find a date yourself. And another one. And another one. 😛

Similiarly with acting: normally you go in, and audition for the acting agent who puts you on their books then send you to auditions they think you are suitable for. Very pre-internet.

Well Tonight I Am Delighted to Present to You, *drum roll* on Centre Stage, (ignore the crappy “coming soon intro”) – a talent brokering community. If you are a producer, director or casting agent, you can come on the site and peruse portfolios of actors and models and choose who you want to audition. I have to warn you, many roles are non-paying. (Remember, Fame Not Fortune ).

AT2 became known to the Australian Entertainment industry in 1995 when its innovative team pioneered a sophisticated online casting facility. AT2’s revolutionary system streamlined the casting process, making life easier for casting professionals, agents and artists alike.

The AT2 casting system is now seen as an integral part of the Entertainment Industry. Casting professionals use it on a daily basis in order to source talent for their productions. Anyone interested in working as an actor, model or extra, needs to be listed with AT2.

Now with offices in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and the U.S, AT2 has become a global network, sharing its casting model around the world. AT2 will be introduced in other countries soon.

AT2 is expanding its services well beyond online casting. In August 2007, AT2 will bring out the Australian version of The Players Directory, a hard copy talent directory known as the ‘Hollywood bible’ since 1937.

In addition, AT2 developers are building software that will help professionals in the Entertainment industry manage their businesses and drive their careers. This software will be adapted to span across a wide range of industries.

AT2 now also boasts an internationally acclaimed Creative Division (AT2 Creative) which provides online strategy, design and development, branding and graphic design services, to all kinds of businesses both here and abroad.

If you would like to know more, or find out what AT2 can do for you, please feel free to contact us and one of our friendly staff will be glad to assist you.

I loaded up my photos, a bio, list of acting jobs I’ve done. I think it cost about $100 ? I made $1000 altogether from my hobby in 2007. Not bad. I get about 3 emails a day offering auditions – and yes m’dear, the one’s where I can keep my clothes on! The producers load up a “pitch” with character outlines, location dates, shooting times and audition information.

It seems different than a normal job site (which is still mainly recruitment companies, not direct?) Maybe it’s the auditions that come through are interesting – even if you don’t want them – film schools looking for a Lead, mainstream looking for a gazillion extras. And you can upload video and porfolio. It’s not truly consumer to consumer (no actors giving each other tips about Stanislavsky) but the new site is out soon. So we’ll see.

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  1. I’m gonna share this with all my co- workers. Great Blog ! Thanks & Best of Luck , Rachel, Marketing Director.

  2. Actually it stands for Artists Technology 2 as it is the second version of their system. Originally it was called Artist Technologies

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