Facebook hopes tabs will reduce the clutter on profile pages.

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Facebook facelift for music and movie crowd

by Asher Moses February 28th, 2008
The goal is to allow musicians and filmmakers to bypass traditional channels and inexpensively market their work virally over the Facebook network. But even major record labels and movie studios have begun embracing social networks to build buzz about new releases.

“Fans love to go to fansites such as MySpace and Facebook Pages to discuss their favourite bands recordings, interviews and music videos,” said Australian social networking strategist Laurel Papworth.

“But even more than this ‘water cooler’ discussion is the powerful action of creating their own content.

“By ‘mashing’ up videos and photos, fans express their creativity and dedication for the music and artists and are no longer watching but participating in creating their band’s content online.

“The sense of belonging ensures loyalty leading to greater sales and word of mouth activities.”

A report released this month by Nielsen Online found nearly half of all Australians now had a social networking profile and as many as half of current non-users indicated they would sign up within the next 12 months.

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(for the record, I did the interview during one of the breaks)

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