Miss me? I’m still in Singapore, teaching Social Media campaigns and how to build branded microcommunities for the Singapore Government. I’ll be back next week. In the meantime, here’s an interview I did with Choice Magazine on the future of social networking:

In the future, we will turn to the internet to get a job, for a loan and to take out health insurance, but we’ll apply through our online social network. And this will give rise to the development of peer-to-peer economies.

These are just a few of the developments that Laurel Papworth is anticipating. The internet strategist works with companies to help them understand user-generated content, social media and blogging and its implications for their brands and products. “We look at engagement and communication through both social media and social economies,” says Papworth.

and a podcast on why Customer Service should manage Online Communities. Plus BigPond’s Brady Jacobsen (who’s Twitter engagement has improved out of sight, by the way):

This week’s first feature interview on Smart Call is with Brady Jacobsen, BigPond’s Director of Customer Operations.

Brady explains that the company’s foray into Twitter., a micro-blogging service, has resulted in unprecedented levels of feedback from customers about how it can deliver customer service more effectively online.

In a similar vein, Social Networks Strategist Laurel Papworth expands on her Blog post that says customer service professionals – not marketing or PR – should get the job of interacting with customers in online communities like blogs and forums.

I’ll blog about Singapore later, ok?