I have a lot of fun facilitating these workshops with the awesomely creative team from Australian Film Television and Radio School, Laboratory for Advanced Media something. (AFTRS LAMP is easier to say):

Masterclasses in Social Media and Online Communities

  • Sydney, June 19
    Melbourne, July 4
    Generating Online Buzz for Creative Projects
    Cut through the jargon and find out the true potential of Web 2.0 to initiate conversations with global audiences
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  • Sydney, June 20
    Melbourne, July 5
    Building Social Networks and Growing Communities
    Find out how to community maintain user engagement and ensure your online audience comes back for more.
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It sort of works this way – introduction to user generated content ( a little bit geared towards the film industry, but not much), a talk from a case study person (last week it was Bruce Moyle from Cool Shite – they do big movie stuff) then a groovy hip designer talks on sociability design and somewhere in there is … drum roll… me! We play with types of online communities, social network structures, marketing virally in social networks, blah de blah. Lots of games and little fun exercises, nothing too arduous. You are too much of a clever clogs to attend, but maybe you know someone who needs a fun way to learn about how our world is changing? But I’d still love to see you there. p.s. tell them I sent you.:)