Australia: Social Media Marketing Campaign

Here’s the presentation I gave in Perth on Thursday, at Edge of the Web.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

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If you are too lazy – and I know my audience well 😛 – basically do this:

  1. get involved, read what’s out there, source top bloggers, forums, bulletin boards, Twitterers, Digg fanatics and Facebook discussion groups – read and understand them.
  2. create – or better yet, find – social media assets you didn’t know you already had. Powerpoint presentations from the shareholder meeting? Put ’em up on slideshare. FAQ’s and Customer Service Tip sheets? Put them in a wiki or a blog post. That sort of thing. Don’t waste money on made-for-web ‘viral’ crap. It’s useful, not buzzy stuff that social media wants.
  3. Discuss – any campaign you create that is not discussed in social networks, doesn’t exist.Make sure the tools for discussion exist, don’t lock it down with pre-moderation and pdfs.
  4. Promote – use distribution, not content networks for promotion. That would be Facebook, Digg and the like (you can’t blog on those sites, they are not for Citizen Journalist, but for Citizen Editor). Better still, offer widgets for customer to customer promotion.
  5. Measure, analyse, get your metrics. Which ones are meaningful? A top blogger blogging or a Facebook group discussing? Hits to your web page or increase in Technorati keywords?

Rinse and Repeat.

Diagram Social Media Marketing Campaign
Diagram Social Media Marketing Campaign

Pretty no? We developed it for TV and Film campaigns – slightly different, original content created for entertainment, not using your current social media assets – but still works, I think. (original post: The Future of Social Media Entertainment)

Perth was great, I bought a Pashmina shawl at Fremantle markets, took a ferry ride, went to the WaWas (Web Awards, Western Australia), got kicked off of @nathanaelb’s dinner table, fell in love with Russ Weakley’s talk (Russ, not Russell) and basically had a uber mega time. We won’t mention some of the other things that happened including losing my Apple Mac power cable 🙁 Edge of the Web rocks. EOTW FTW!

Russ Weakley’s presentation was a fantastic case study. It will be interesting to see the outcome once March 2009 comes around – perhaps a follow up, next year Russ?

Off to speak at SPAA next week. Screen Producers Association of Australia. Something like Cannes maybe? Pitches, and workshops for filmmakers. In the Gold Coast. And no, I’ll be too busy with the luvvies and mega stars to meet up with you. *preens* well, maybe one coffee then. Heh.

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  1. A very interesting and helpful post. I need to get my stripy Zebra butt over here more often. I always learn something new and interesting.

    P.S And I love Russ Weakley’s presentation too.

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  3. So what do you think which one is better. Involve, create, discuss, promote or measure or one should try all of them in a balanced way.

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