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Australian Marketing Now social media conference speakers include Chris Brogan, Laurel Papworth, David Armano, Jim Stewart, Darren Rowse (Problogger), Stephen Johnson in Melbourne September 22/23rd.

This is not an event you want to miss – international caliber speakers on social media. And me.

Chris Brogan, David Armano, Stephen Johnson, Darren Rowse, Jim Stewart. You might know them better by their Twitter names – see below:

marketing_nowHow to use Social Media and Online Marketing to reach customers directly, and keep them

Never before has Australia hosted such luminaries in the field of social media and new marketing. This is the first ever two-day event dedicated solely to social media and online marketing in Australia. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the fastest growing trends in marketing today. sofitelmelbourne

Why is social media important?

We all want attention. We want our product or service to be noticed over the rest. Before the web we relied on sales people to do that. We also relied on advertising which we bought, and direct mail. We issued press releases – we begged the press to write about our product. We attended trade shows.
Social media has changed that. Now you have the ability to earn attention. How do you do that? by being interesting. You publish. And we’re not talking print. Publish valuable interesting content on blogs and on websites. Publish videos on youtube, flickr, twitter.

Chris Brogan refers to the shift in his upcoming book Trust Economies out soon, as being a shift from trusting corporate generated content to user generated content. Consumers trust reviews from people they’ve never met over company websites. Have you provided a platform for your brand advocates – people who love your stuff to talk about it online?

You’ll learn all about the is and more at Marketing Now!

Spread the good word.

See you there?

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