1. Hmm Nick this is a tough one. They are so overwhelmed in the US with Web 2.0 personalities that they don’t realise how rare it is to have an Aussie one. Does that make it right to include/exclude Frank from Wikipedia? I don’t know…

    And why do we insist on relying on links to traditional media and publishing to justify the impact of a Web 2.0 evangelist in Wikipedia? By the way, the fact that Australian Financial Review took away the article is just another nail in their coffin. Grrr.

    There isn’t a person in the *scene* here who doesn’t have a Frank story – behind the scenes at networking, or up at an event, or sponsoring something. Or just flaunting his meego avatar. 😛 But it’s hard to quantify big fishies in small ponds. And we ARE small compared to the reach of US evangelists. 🙁

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