Quick Quick! They want to kill him! Oh poor Frank. *cries* Even if you aren’t much of a fan of Microsoft, you have to like Frank!

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Frank Arrigo

Last week, an entry about me was added to Wikipedia.

This kicked off a good old fashioned Wikipedia style debate, and the article is being considered for deletion “in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy.


I haven’t edited the entry and I didn’t coerce anyone else to contribute to it.

Right now, there are 10 deletes (including 4 strong deletes) to 6 keeps.

Looks like the days of the article are numbered.

Wikipedia Virgins: You have to go to Frank’s page for deletion, clicking Edit This Page then write something like:

*”’Keep”’ Frank is Australia’s Scoble. We may have a small population but we deserve our own expert du jour. Delete Frank, Delete Scoble’s page. Unless wikipedia is US centric? ~~~~

Trust me, it won’t hurt. The four tildes (next to the 1 key) will auto-put in your username and time. Let’s save FRANK!!!! (If you have a blog, please pass the message on?) No-one gets to beat up our Geeks – ‘cept me! :p