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Quick question:qantas

What are those fields for? I’ve tried reloading the page and no text comes in. Any guesses?
Why would Qantas have such poor usability of their site o.O

By the way, it might look like I whinge about Qantas all the time – and I do – but it’s because I fly them all the time. In fact, just made Silver qantas club member. Yay! We whine about what we know, and use. To be ignored is a bigger evil, in social media, no?

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  1. Hey Laurel,

    I think that’s a JavaScript problem specific to your browser – you’re seeing the wrong text boxes too (you only get ‘booking reference’ and ‘last name’ for online check in). That said, when this works normally, the usability is still so-so.

    Neil Phillips’s last blog post..Inauguration words

  2. Im attempting to book a return ticket from alice springs to Cairns in August, Only getting international information…. or a blank box when attempting to state flight info “from” and “to”… What am i doing wrong???

  3. I have problems with Qantas in that whenever I try to update my frequent flyer details (addresses etc) they require two contact numbers for me … I am single and my business and home and mobile number are all the same. I can’t be the only person just to operate with a home number and emails these days. Frequently it means I can’t book online. It’s annoying. Any idea when they are going to update these outdated system? Thanks.

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