Future of Melbourne

Future of Melbourne

I’m just really bookmarking this wiki for my own future reference. Pass it on to those Melbournites that a) might want to be involved and b) might have a clue, willya?

Recent news

The first round of collaborative drafting in the Future Melbourne wiki has now finished. Over the coming months the plan will continue to evolve under the guidance of the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne Team.

During the public consultation period, 17 May to 14 June, there will be a further opportunity to help draft the Future Melbourne Plan online. During this period we encourage you to log on and help influence the future of our city. Everybody is welcome to take part!

In the interests of transparency and accountability we request that you register with your real name. After registering, we encourage you to complete any empty fields in your user page.



The City of Melbourne welcomes you to the Future Melbourne wiki. As far as we know, this is the first time a local government has used an online collaborative process to develop a shared strategic vision for its municipality. This is a bold and exciting opportunity for the people of Melbourne!!

We have invited you, our City of Melbourne Councillors and management team, our Future Melbourne Reference Group, our project partners, our key stakeholders, members of the eVillage and people interested in the future of Melbourne to assist us in developing this draft plan, to edit the content that is there and to fill any gaps you identify.

The previous attempt at a government/citizen wiki wasn’t brilliantly successful – we tend to use social networks to solve our own problems,and are fearful of getting caught up in bureaucracy, no?