Very funny video here on the Sydney Morning Herald site. Stay with it to hear the Rihanna Umbrella..ella..ella oops Peter Costello..ello..ello bit at the end. šŸ™‚ (Hat tip via Facebook: Trina Tune)

Australia’s answer to Obama Girl: The Axis of Awesome’s musical satire on the election battle.(02:43)

Downloadable video –.wmv file.
Tell me something… what would SMH lose by giving us an embed widget with a Sydney Morning Herald frame around it, and maybe a YouTube like branding screen imprint? I mean, if they count embeds as well as page views, they could, like, add them up, right? For example, 20 people came to the SMH site to see the video and 400,000 saw it in Facebook. That would make 400, 020 people. Is that a bad thing?

Hmm the key is that little static Singapore Airlines Ad. Didn’t notice it at first, had to go back and check the page to see if there was an ad at all. Darn. A boring ad at the end of the video is not effective enough I guess. Is it better to have shown it to us next to the video block while we watch the whole video which runs for 2 mins 43 secs? I can’t remember, is brand recall higher if the ad is shown alongside the video/program instead of during ad breaks or at the end?

Anyway, not exactly user generated content. However we might see some amateur but good stuff soon. At least, I think these guys are professional actors/writers/musicians/comediens Their website says they run a laundry but that’s just a silly backstory. Anyone know of any genuine citizen satire for Australian Election 2.0?? I’d like to see something done by people not in the Entertainment industry. And not creatives at agencies either!

Also funny (hat tip Tobias Wilson):