Australia: No Clean Feed Video nocleanfeed

TA DA! Here it is:

Don’t you think that a country with backward internet, broken telcos and crap gov policies deserves hillbilly music? 😛 The whole thing is such a farce. YouTube here for those who don’t have players.

I put a call out last week, on Twitter, for photos of people with post it notes and writing on hands to support the Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA – @efa_oz on Twitter) movement of NoCleanFeed. I tweeted that if they were up by Sunday I’d make a little movie (anti-advertisement?) on Sunday. Came home late Saturday from SPAA, installed the World of Warcraft expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King and happily played with my Death Knight, Azraelina, til about 10pm last night.

Unbeknown to me, Gary Hayes pottered around and put the video together. It really captures what I was hoping to show. Not so much an educational session – that the clean feed will slow the internet down even more, that it won’t trap what needs to be trapped, that Australians – when moved from apathy – will not support any babying in their private lives. That making ISPs the gatekeepers for what is good and wholesome in our lives is just plain nutso. I’ve built and managed an ISP and let me tell you… heh.

What this video is about, is that nothing can stand in the way of the power of a million voices – or in this case 60 slides – calling for NO CLEAN FEED. But seriously, notice what each contributor is doing – short succinct post it notes and Twitter tweets (micro content), links to external newspaper articles and blog posts (distribution), attempts at direct dialogue with @kevinruddpm and @turnbullmalcolm on Twitter (conversation)

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  • YouTube: I recommend you click the High Quality to read without eyestrain
  • My MySpace page for SilkCharm
  • Metacafe in case you prefer them to YouTube.

I gotta tell ya guys, yes, we can make a difference – but probably only in an election year. *cynical sigh* (Old blog post, for background)

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  1. I am inclined to think the hillbilly music shows how dumb the idea of filtering everyone’s content is. Why spend all time and money on this rather than on satisfactory PC based filters to protect our kids from all the other online dangers.

  2. I have called my MP (I cannot vote, but they take my call), called my senators, sent emails and written letters. This is the dumbest public policy and Australians need to wake up to Nu Labors Internet Lemon before it becomes too acidic to taste.

    Australia’s broadband network is third world and destined to be stone age if this is implemented. Good thing the election is three years away.

  3. Hi Laurel,
    I really enjoyed the video.
    Just built a webpage dedicated to the subject and I’m using your video on a prominent space.
    Please let me know if you are ok with it.
    I’m running a blog carnival about the subject.

  4. That’s a great video – found it very interesting.

    By the way, always enjoy reading your blog – keep up the great work! 🙂

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