Advertising Age has put together the top Media and Marketing blogs in the world, the most influential, against a fairly comprehensive criteria – the most we’ve seen from a ‘top blog’ list. Visit their site for more information on how and why they compiled the list, (full list).

My current rank: I must be doing something wrong – someone likes me! Heh.

Top Australian bloggers

They are currently monitoring 826 top blogs, I thought I would give you the Australian entrants (a snapshot):

10. ProBlogger (uber blogger Darren Rowse)
66. Bannerblog (Ashley Ringrose, Ashadi Hopper)
123. Young PR (oi! Paull Young is in NY now!)
131. Duncan’s TV Ad Land (Duncan Macleod)
145. Servant of Chaos (probably my favourite Aussie blogger, Gavin Heaton)
156. Social Network Marketing (this blog! Laurel Papworth)
190. Better Communication Results (fellow Adelaidean, Lee Hopkins)
295. Get Shouty (cheers Katie Chatfield!)
343. Media Hunter (Craig Wilson)
347. Corporate Engagement (hi Trevor Cook! )
365. The Marketer (Gordon ‘Dangerous’ Whitehead)
382. Business of Marketing and Branding (David Koopmans)
388. PR Disasters Gerry McCusker
391. PersonalizeMedia (my cutie, Gary Hayes)
465. Adspace Pioneers (Greetings Julian Cole)
474. ineedhits Search Marketing Blog (cute name) (Clay Cook, Rachel Cook)
618. Jax Rant ( Jacqueline Weschler)
623 Shifted Pixels (Nick Holmes a’Court)
638. Ryan’s View (Ryan Peal)
640. The Jason Recliner (Vando, from his armchair)
692. Igloo/Ignite (agency blog)
702. Pigs Don’t Fly (Zac Martin)
731. Increase Web Traffic @
752. Innovation Feeder (Jen Stumbles)
796. Slice Media ( Kylie Lewis)

Who’s missing? Given I’m an erratic blogger and somewhat of an acquired taste, shouldn’t you be submitting your blog to them, knocking this blog down the ladder? By the way, I have a rule: don’t take advice on social media and blogging from people who don’t blog/social media or don’t do social media successfully. Remember Gartner? Started a corporate blog, couldnt’ get an audience, so their next report said basically that corporate blogs don’t work? Don’t go there.

We have a number of our own lists in Australia. Meg Tsiamis from Blogpond has a general category top bloggers list. Julian has compiled a list of top Australian Marketing and Media blogs himself.

My post from a few weeks ago, where i reveal my audience figures (RSS, readers, ratings) is no longer correct. I’ve picked up another couple of hundred subs and readers. Before this list, actualy, but the list is helping. *note to self: get on as many lists as possible* Actually, lists only work when they are contextual and relevant, I’m not sure directory services function that well anymore on the ‘net.

The title, ‘Influential Blogger’ was a bit tongue in cheek. Do top bloggers impact anyone? Or is it further down the ripple? Surely all bloggers, with a big or a small audience, influence someone somewhere. *taps on your monitor window* Hellloooo? Anyone out there? o.O Yes, I believe we are influential – all of us are collectively changing the world – and that Australians are active in social media. No matter what you may have been told, Australians blog, and they blog well.

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