Quite a different slant from the 40 Social Media Guidelines for Staff, here are Mosman Council laying out their guidelines for following @mosmancouncil on Twitter: 

Stop following me!

If @mosmancouncil is following you and you’d rather we didn’t, please feel free to block us.

Be aware that Twitter is a public space on the internet and all interaction is publicly viewable and searchable over time.

If you want to keep your Twitter channel private, you can protect your updates.

For further assistance go to

More of the Twitter Guidelines

On one hand I’m thinking “WTF? A council trying to control the discussion on a 3rd party site?” On the other hand, it’s not their fault, it’s the mess we’ve got ourselves into with lawyers and courts and such. They’ve really bent over backward to be helpful and contactable to their constituents. Bless. 

And Bless meta-gov guru,  Steven Cornish (@steven_cornish) for bringing the guidelines to my attention. 🙂

So, what do you think? Will we see more companies pumping out How To Engage with Us Online policies? Would anyone even have found them if Steven hadn’t told me? @MosmanCouncil bio on Twitter points to the home page, not the guidelines. Are they legally covered (in reality) or is this just a feelgood exercise for nervous nellies in the Council itself? 

I remember the days when Telstra had a DO NOT LINK TO US on the bottom of every webpage. Their webpages were their copyright material and linking to them broke copyright. Apparently. Heh.