I have created a new site called Mobile Social Networks at mobilesocialnetworks.com.au – it’s a bit useless at the moment as it only has 38 mobile social networks on it, and I haven’t really found my voice or format yet, but I will fix that. I do have a list of around 240 or more mobile device and cell phone social networks to add, but it’s slow going. Wanna help? pffft go away, it’s quicker if I do it. It will be the definitive source of information on social networks on mobiles and cellphones, a top directory of user generated content on phones, location based services to mobile devices, yada yada.

You can point me to your faves from this post called Questions. Or below in comments on this blog.

I also need whitepapers, and a blogroll, so if you know of a good mobile social network site, or researchpaper, chuck it my way? Thank you m’dears.

Keep an eye on the directory: iPhone App – I am capturing the growth of social network applications on the iPhone. Here is the first one.

This is a resource for everyone – I put the original list together in early 2006 (only about 200 mosoc’s then) for a client, updated it for a conference, and so it’s a work in progress. The key is to make the MoSoNet directory available for everyone, now. We aren’t going to get anywhere with mobile social networks until people understand the scale, popularity, unique advantages and future of mobile, locative, social networks and online communities. Right? Right! Got it? Good. heh.

Shall we have a launch party? Everyone has a launch party for new sites, don’t they? Y’know drinkies and nibblies. I think I’ve got some cooking sherry and a tin of pineapple cubes, here, somewhere *scampers into the kitchen to check*

Anyway, I’ll give you a summary every few weeks or so. I know how lazy you can be. *poke* it’s Saturday, shouldn’t you be mowing the lawn or something? Hmmm?