1. Nice post Laurel.

    We knew it was going to head this way. Collaboration and contribution are still applied with your ‘lens’. So if your ‘lens’ says how do we get what we want, then the application of new interactions will be appalling like these.

  2. I always thought the music indudstry missed out on a huge opportunity by not making all music available for download free – at radio quality. It could have harnessed our natural tendency to explore and share. If I like something I will buy it.

    I think the same can/should be applied to all content. The brands which stop being precious about their logos, colours and relative spacing will be rewarded by customer creativity and greater engagement.

    Rather than fighting it, let’s take advantage of the cognative surplus that is being created as people get off the TV couch and participate.

    The Gruen Transfer actually created film snippets to be mashed up by viewers and that has worked a treat. http://www.abc.net.au/tv/gruentransfer/gallery.htm

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