You might like this one, working with penguins all day:

Walt Disney is launching Club Penguin in Australia.

Overall Purpose of the Role:
Develop and build a supportive and positive Club Penguin community that ensures all team members receive development and training opportunities. Ensure excellent customer service abiding to the Club Penguin community support standards, taking the values of the flagship Club Penguin market and translating those values into the local Australian culture.

Some of the responsibilities:
-Develop a culture with a strong affiliation to the CP brand
-Run regular information sessions and create an open forum for discussions
-Facilitate delivery of superior customer service
-Monitor quality and quantity of email responses to agreed standards
-Provide leadership, coaching and development opportunities for team
-Develop rosters to meet business needs and prioritise workflow

-5+ years experience in leadership or team management roles
-Online and digital experience
-Previous experience in children’s entertainment an advantage
-Experience in developing and running training
-Good negotiation and influencing skills
-Excellent understanding of Australian and global “pop” culture

To apply for this role please send your resume and bio to Sally Mills via

Let me know how you get on, if you get any gossip etc.

If you’ve never heard of Club Penguin, you should have. I’ve blogged about it before, although it was a year ago so I don’t blame you for not remembering ( Kids and Penguins) BUT you can see here, that stickability wise, it doesn’t do too badly at all. Maybe you should keep an eye on Club Penguin hmm? Australian usage, those figures. Habbo of course, still rules (200,000 Australian tweens, spending about 5x as long as ClubPenguin). That could be the age gap though. And the revenue streams vary.

Might be all a little too sweet for you? hmmm?

There’s more gold in assessing the NeoPets vs ClubPenguin vs Habbo playoff than the MySpace vs Facebook vs Bebo, in my book.