This could be a fascinating exercise in collective Australian imagination, I reckon.

Ellenor Cox is a brilliant TV producer, and has come up with a great concept with Scorched!

I think the actress is some famous young star off of ABC TV or something? Read the comments on YouTube… funny buzzy little micro-discussions.

Place yourself in the Year 2012, and there’s no water left in Sydney – or Melbourne or Adelaide, or anywhere. And ‘cos there’s no water, life changes drastically. Imagine you are a teenager living in a world that is scorched. Channel Nine is picking up the TV show – and there’s a bunch of viewer generated content.

Here’s the job:

We are looking to bring an additional person onto the Scorched team on a part-time basis over the next month to assist with the viral campaign and general production requirements.

Digital Media Producer – Junior Part-time position
2-3 days per week (flexible hours and location) starting immediately till mid/late August. Tasks include assisting with viral campaign for online prequel to telemovie ( as well as general production office tasks for team (Firelight Productions). Please contact Michael O’Neill at michael (at) or 0404092034

If you have any ideas on who might be interested or suitable for this position we’d be greatly appreciative.

Kind regards

Ellenor Cox
Producer – Scorched

If you know of someone who’d like to work a day or two a week – they won’t get rich – on something interesting, please tell them about this post? Or blog it yourself? Thanks! I really think a social media passionado will do something brilliant with this TV production team who are open and agile to creative social media initiatives.

The viral campaign for online prequel – in social media terms – should be about having people create videos and blogs about what their life would be like as if you keeping a diary in those times (Year 2012 and no water) and whatnot. I hope they do so.

Caveat: the production people (hi Ellenor!) came along to some of my courses on social media marketing campaigns and building online communities. But the cleverness is all their own! (The project was accepted and went through the uber-creative process of Laboratory for Advanced Media Production (LAMP – read Scorched here) at Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS)