1. It’s been longer than a week for me believe me! I have never had such bad… make that lousey, customer service in my entire life (56)!

    I can understand that things can go wrong… but to be treated so shabilly is nothing short of disgraceful.

    I won’t go into the litany of what has gone wrong since I had my service installed at 9:00pm on the 12th of Feb. Nor will I recount the useless conversations with so called custormer service personnel.

    I am now reading the fine print of my contract so that I can cancel my service. What’s the point!!

  2. You poor love! 🙁

    I just read a bit in the Sydney Morning Herald about it. One group saying they lost thousands of customer details, another saying it’s not true. Apparently Crikey.com.au also reported on the problem.

    BTW the recording says they were putting in a new customer service system on Feb 12th and there’s been a “few issues”. A few issues is a 20 min delay being answered. A fiasco is a week with not taking calls…

  3. We suspended our Foxtel service a few months ago and when we realised we didn’t miss it at all, we cancelled it. We’ve now been waiting nearly a month for them to come out and pick up the STB and it doesn’t look like they’re ever going to show.

    The first tech they sent out was supposed to arrive “between 10 and 3” and promptly arrived sometime before 10:05, which is when my wife returned from the park with our son to find the notice that they had been.

    The second tech never showed. We’ve yet to be able to get through to them. If it wasn’t for the fact that the unplugged STB was ugly-ing up our living room, I wouldn’t be inclined to hassle them to get them to pick it up. After all, it’s their property, they are the ones who should be eager to collect it.

  4. A year ago I cancelled Foxtel but was told it was cheaper to let my subscription expire at the end of the month rather than pay the disconnection fee. I left the STB with my housemate as I moved interstate.. The technician never arrived (nor were we contacted) and 6 months later I realised they were still debiting my husband’s account on a monthly basis.

    I rung Foxtel and was marvelled by their ineptitude. However they did reveal that the system showed I had called in October. The call was escalated as I attempted to retrieve my money. The 2nd contact, a manager, also said I had called in oct but no record I had tried to cancel. By the time I spoke to a senior call centre manager he told me there was absolutely no record I had ever called.. Seems like that info had been expunged from their system.

    Needless to say I never got the $400+ back that I was paying for a non-existent service..

  5. Since foxtel brought out the IQ it seems they are now doing the same thing they did when trying to get people to upgrade to digital.

    That is Foxtel seem to be systematically slowing down the different buttons on the remote or putting the older customers on a slower FAULTY server.

    The current apparent tactic makes us quite often give up trying to watch Foxtel and go do something else.

    Just about
    every day we are experiencing problems with Foxtel digital solutions
    we have tried to help Foxtel can be found at the link. We also sent a DVD as part of the complaint due to us users of Foxtel, are paying Foxtel millions a month and being bombarded with ads telling us this program is brought you by…

    Good news though, the letter to the ACCC about Foxtel was responded by ACCC stating they would keep an eye on the situation. It was also implied that there were no other complaints than ours, so please send in your complaints to the ACCC in your state quoting our letter to ACCC regards Foxtel. This may help shake up Foxtel into doing something about the annoying situations.

    More Foxtel info at the following location

    Foxtel IQ problems or should be lack of IQ maybe.

  6. the useage of a specific smart card in your set top box will cut out your sound due to hd and normal tv mixing up the mal written programn provided by fox tell it took them 8months to admit this and still have a problem with 2000 series smart cards around 130000 customers have currantly got this problem on iq ,iq2 is not afected but if your sound cuts out for a second or two thats why your not going nuts timothy m

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