At the very bottom, above the line is “Customer Service Updates” link

Well, I didn’t believe it. Foxtel Customer Service has been down for over a week. Nope, I’m not exaggerating. And I don’t mean, busy or hard to get through. I mean “sorry for the inconvenience but we can’t take your call right now.” Clunk.

The problem? I organised Foxtel with IQ for my aged parents (they’ll hate that) in Adelaide. But the box blew up around last Thursday 14th. The technician that arrived put in a new box and said the SIM card (or whatever the equivalent in an IQ cable TV box is) needed to initialise but that Foxtel was ‘having a few issues‘ but it should be fixed in the next 2 hours.

SIX DAYS LATER: there was a small notification on the Foxtel site that said if your box was attended to on February 13th or 14th (see bottom message) to re-contact them through a special contact forum. Over the preceding six days, my parents tried over and over again to get through the on the 131 999 number. To be told “busy, hang up and try again later“. Clunk.

Their customer service system sucks. Why can’t they look up which technicians went to which customers over a 2-day period? Why did my parents have to ring every hour on the hour (you better believe it) to no avail?

So second problem: I organised the account for my parents. I gave over my credit card and paid the initial amount. Then my parents got the bill, which I told Foxtel to send to me. And now I still can’t get through to Billing on 131 999. Yep, you guessed it, still getting “busy, hang up and try again later“. Anyone else noticed problems with Foxtel?
We will stay home and watch Foxtel: when you tell us what is going on, why your customer service, billing and technical support have been offline for over a week, and when it’s all going to be fixed.

You should know, it’s not a difficult thing to organise an “overflow” agency to take calls. Foxtel are happy to push out to overflow during big campaign times, why not during disaster unrecovery?

I’m off interstate tomorrow for a week, goodness only knows when I’ll be able to call up to get the billing fixed. Grrrrr.

Link to me, or email me, or comment if you’ve heard any news please?