1. Finally for the non geek Joe the web comes to the lounge room.

    If they get this to sell then this will dramatically change the way the web works over the next few years.

  2. I was wondering this morning – if you embedded a camera on it, and Skype, would video calls from the loungeroom become more popular?

  3. Hi Laurel,

    Having tried to partner with the leading player in this market space – I was working with Akimbo to bring their hard drive equipped set top boxes into Australia. Akimbo have one of the largest PPV video on demand libraries licensed for delivery via the web.

    (the project fell apart when Akimbo decided to partner with Microsoft)

    Cognation put together a model that partnered with some of the Australian ISP’s and was planning to use this channel to handle the distribution.

    The issue with the YouTube only enabled TV is that a single destination platform will only support so much viewing time (even though YouTube is a fantastic destination).

    My question that I’d put to Matsushita is why not build a ‘product’ portal that they can add to over time. Even without a ‘charging’ mechanism/revenue model they can build brand loyalty over time.

    Owning the customer is more valuable than anything YouTube specifically can bring to the table.

    Dean Collins

  4. @dean collins oh silly me! I assumed that was what they were doing. YouTube and Picasa (images) today: a bloody big iPhone in your lounge room tomorrow o.O

    @200ok YouTube is soooo Web 1.0. Centralised hosting, locked in, clunky interface.

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