1. People need to understand, if you privacy settings are wrong, by joining a network you could let 1,200,000 people access your home address, phone number or have 100’s of gate crashers to your party. :s

    Just a word of caution.

  2. You may be that popular, I am not. I wish I had that problem πŸ˜›

    Anyway, that’s the same argument that was used re: inviting people with email. A bit dark ages don’t you think, given that the default settings are private/don’t share? You have to consciously go in and turn RSS and public access etc on. I know, I created a second account for default settings…

  3. hmmm, I seem to remember that the “old” default settings was to share the luv! If they are now private good , as you have to *want* 1,200,000 to come to your birthday party to open your address up as public.

    But I still don’t think the “avg joe” really understands or even thinks sometimes about the implications of their online actions.

  4. No, sorry but absolutely never has been the default been “public”. Remember the furore with “newsfeed”- mark zuckerberg said then (when it was walled for colleges) that they would never make public without permission.

    It was always shockingly hard to turn RSS feeds on. Now its a bit easier but still hard for Average Joe. πŸ™‚

    Within Facebook itself is the issue, not information getting out. I saw a Cisco FB Group (open) where one guy dissed another staff member (internally). When I mentioned it was an open forum, he claimed not to know it was available for non-Cisco employees. Why he would think that, I don’t know.

    I’m pretty passionate about gated communities and community privacy. And I do think that people are learning quickly. Sent any nasty suggestive or illegal emails lately? One’s that might end up on the front page of The Australian? πŸ˜›

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