Last Thursday quite late I had a chat with David Wallace and Mike Seyfang (Adelaide lads). Nick Hodge, Mike Seyfang, and I did time at AppleCentre Adelaide Random Access in the ’80’s. So there ya go.

In the podcast we talk about:
Dave occasionally does wash things especially business cards 🙂
Laurel’s University of Sydney, Professional Development seminars, like the YouTube, blogs and Marketing
Identify on the ‘net: Profile ages and security, Badged moderators
Dotcom bust 2.0: user generated content disappearing and we lose part of our lives, what works 2.0 leads to 3.0, backend mashup 3.0 vs user mashup 2.0,
Distributed identity – archiving our lives from little bits everywhere, loss of contacts, Priscilla from ANTAR and her presentation at CU07 on MySpace and not-for-profits.

Actually let me digress – Priscilla’s slide here is brilliant.

Priscilla “solidariti” Brice Weller’s slide from CU07 – about how to use Web 2.0 low effort tools for high impact effects.

The fourth social sector – activist sector, open source sector. Ideagoras. Biscotti.
Votapedia and cool dead things.
Sydney Webloggers Meetup and WebJam, Nick Hodge and PopFly, Techmeme on it’s head (I agree!), feeds with keywords – Yahoo pipes and friends and Twitter,
90:9:1 ratio – 90% lurk or are eyeballs, 9% respond, 1% initiate (we used to be 100% eyeballs, unable to respond). Corporates, Governments and Not For Profits will knock on the doors of Social Networks to ask how to underwrite or support person to person support.

The Podcast Network is hosting it, if you can stand listening to me giggling for nearly an hour. 🙂