Monday and Tuesday next week is the Sydney Online Social Networking and Business Colloration:

  • Richard Kimber, Global CEO, Friendster
  • Rebekah Horne, VP of Fox Interactive, MySpace
  • Francisco Cordero, GM Bebo
  • Paul Slakey, Director, Google

I’m on abunch of things including:

  • Collaboration – A knowledge management revolution empowering staff and customers to deliver
    • Identifying the critical collaboration factors of success
    • Change management strategies for web 2.0 technologies
    • From social bookmarks to blogs – which tools can and should be used
    • Lessons learned
    Wayne Hughes, Managing Director, Virtual Medical Centre .com
    Chris Knowles, Web Manager, Heinz Australia
    Andrew Mitchell, National Manager, Technology and Knowledge, Urbis
    Laurel Papworth, Director and Social Networks Strategist,
    World Communities


The Mobile Mob
• What’s happening with mobile and community?
• What are the opportunities for marketers, enterprise and government?
Laurel Papworth
World Communities

Then Gary and I will be chatting about virtual worlds for business

Digital Worlds: Social, Virtual, Mobile
• Meet generation V
• What are the opportunities for enterprise, marketers and government?
• The psychological implications of virtual interaction
• What are the mobility limitations of virtual worlds?
Gary Hayes, Director LAMP, Head of Virtual Worlds, The Project Factory
Laurel Papworth,
Director & Social Networks Strategist,
World Communities

THREE Sessions – do you think the attendees will be sick of me by the end of it all? Heh.

By the way I am in Adelaide this week, presenting on the Rise of the Corporate Facebook at CPA Congress. Another conference in Melbourne next week. Then I collapse – Singapore, Gold Coast, Perth all this month have done me in …
…. plus, by then it will be time for Christmas parties. And not before time!

And for Gawd’s sake, come up and say hi. I’m not as grumpy as my pink avatar suggests.

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