1. Wow – what an amazing presentation!!

    This really highlights the impact of negative customer/employee experiences and the direct result through online media.

    Do you have any other speaking events coming up?

  2. Laurel

    Thanks to your April 21 blog post I was able to attend the live version of this presentation this morning. Its always a pleasure and inspiring to hear you speak, even if it is only for 10 mins! Thanks for visiting us down here in Melbourne, hope they treated you nicely! Do keep us updated with your speaking engagements.
    – Kerri

  3. Thanks for highlighting the Steak ‘n Shake situation. I’ve chosen to try and work with the executives at Steak ‘n Shake to come to a favorable outcome– namely making all of their drive-thrus accessible and ongoing training for every restaurant.
    However, it remains to be seen if Steak ‘n Shake wants to go in this direction–I’m waiting for their decision on the direction they plan to go in.

  4. And… it just wasn’t some young guy at the window–the man is actually a trainer who is responsible for teaching the order takers how to provide customer service.

  5. Hi Karen, thanks for visiting and letting me know. BTW, any reason why you didn’t name-and-shame the guy publicly?

  6. Laurel, that’s a good question, why didn’t I name the guy publicly?

    First of all, I am aiming for a positive solution to this problem. The trainer is still working for Steak ‘n Shake. I very much want to see a solution changed for the future, as I have three deaf and hard of hearing kids who will be using drive-thrus someday.

    This situation isn’t over with yet. I have a meeting with Steak ‘n Shake coming up in July. I will be meeting with the guy who refused the order. I’m betting that this incident will forever change the way he serves customers–hopefully he’s learned a valuable lesson.

    The nice thing about a blog is that consumers can make an impact. I’m hoping to make a positive one out of this.

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