I had a nice email from Gabrielle Requena about Mytickets.com.au.

MyTickets is a site designed to help consumers find tickets faster. We provide ONE destination for all tickets – regardless of who sells them. We are basically a search engine for tickets, and tickets only. We currently have over 9000 listings and goriwng! We are currently in beta mode and are seeking feedback from users so we can improve over the coming weeks. A lot of the functionality you mentioned in your article are things we definitely have on the agenda so please stay tuned and tell us what you think of our new business! I also noted other posts you made on media and entertainment topics so thought your feedbakc would be very valuable.

They make the Ticketmaster/Ticketek sites look oldfashioned. Signing up for the Alerts was an earthshattering, mindblowing, experience. Ok not that good, but pretty impressive. The Request function is interesting – sort of an online petition for an artist at a venue. Social media entertainment booking?

My Tickets ‘Request It!’ empowers fans to collectively persuade artists to stage an event in their area. By making a Request on MyTickets you let artists know where they are most in demand. So if you’re tired of waiting for your favourite artist to come to you, Request It!

A group of reprobates – you lot for instance – might get together and say that some crappy garage band should play at some top venue, but I can’t yet see the real community driven stuff… for example forums and reviews of plays and films and recommendations. All the stuff that drives hyper consumers to evangelise a site like MyTickets. But I’m sure it’s coming – MyTickets.com.au is too groovy a site for it not to be.