Electrolux global social media summit in Stockholm with video of me Laurel Papworth as the representative from Australia/Asia.  Peter Shankman from HelpAReporterOut was part of the summit too!

Electrolux hosted a global social media summit from Stockholm, Sweden on Monday night. They invited a social media strategist from each continent to speak for 10 minutes on the State of Social Media in their country or region. There was dodgy sound – India and Hong Kong were worse than mine and hardly able to be heard. The American representative was Peter Shankman, the guy that started HARO – Help a Reporter Out, initially as a Facebook group and now a mailing list of 100,000 supporters.  I have blogged about before.  I was invited to speak as the Australian representative:

Note, I haven’t been in online marketing since 1989 – I’ve been in online communities since 1989. Kind of a major difference.

This was completely unrehearsed, off the cuff,  at nearly 1am in the morning, not exactly the lavish production you see elsewhere. 100 or so people in the audience -Swedish companies, lots watching online and only a few on Twitter stream.

I mentioned some Australian key players:

It’s really important to me that Australia and the region is represented internationally.  And to that end, I’ll keep pluggin’ away.