1. Unfortunately I purchased an Electrolux fridge about a week ago and it is so poorly designed that I cant use it. There is Styrofoam exposed in little slots in the back of the freezer. Not only is this a bad design (anything can penetrate those flimsy Styrofoam and that means it can get into your food), but also I am hugely sensitive (diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivities that means exposure like that to Styrofoam will make me ill.

    So I havent used the fridge, customer care at Electrolux doesnt call me back and I have to chase them up, their “supervisor” that I spoke to on the phone today was aggressive and rude. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. And basically she told me (not in these exact words) that it was too bad for me and that they would not do anything about. I told her that she “chose” not to do anything and that I wanted this matter escalated to a higher authority than her. Really appalling (lack of) customer service.

    I will never buy an electrolux product ever and neither will any of my family (extended family) and I will ensure all my friends and other relatives as well as colleagues and everyone online on all my social networks and on forums knows about this.

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