You know you want to:

Dry July challenges people to last a month without drinking alcohol. It encourages people to raise sponsorship for their efforts with all donations directly benefiting the lives of those living with cancer through the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, Dreams2Live4 Charity.

Dry July has real potential to make a positive change to the lives of all involved. We hope you embrace the concept and encourage everyone you know to get involved and take on the challenge of going Dry this July!

DJ ( [dee-jay] noun: a person or group actively sponsored to participate in Dry July.

Clear your head, feel good, go Dry this July!

Leaderboards in communities are good:
So Leaders (Celebrity), Recent (Donation), Top Participants (leaderboard for donations) and Latest News (RSS).
Just what you want on a front page of a dynamic community. šŸ™‚
*raises a glass of wine* Salut! (It’s not July yet! – the time on the front page says 5 hours to go).