1. I found the Spender DigiKids article
    completely vacuous. It mainly trades on
    trying to be cute, hip, and cool
    (admidst its ad hominimisms). The article
    is solely an opinion piece with near zero
    reasoning. The sad facts are that kids are
    increasingly becoming digi-holics who can’t
    function at the levels of critical
    reasoning required by many professions.
    The cyberworld isn’t the real world no
    matter how cool is it. The literature now
    shows that employees waste enormous amounts
    of time surfing the web, texting, and
    other “I can’t bear to be alone with my
    own thoughts” behaviour.

    Content is still king, no matter the
    medium. Digital literacy isn’t
    literacy — it’s button pushing.

    So let’s stop selling out the future,
    simply because we can’t respect the past.

  2. Are you Rob Akscyn the Hyptertext guy? Cool! 🙂

    I was wondering what studies show that kids who are technology-savvy can’t function at the levels of critical reasoning? It reminds me of “studies” that show that kids who play MMORPGS “don’t play well with others” – in spite of the fact that they are often participating in a guild raid for hours at a time.

    The ‘real world’ is wherever our consciousness is, surely? I don’t differentiate between real world friends and cyber world friends. And I bet younger generations won’t even comprehend their might be a difference.

    Employees waste time no matter what. I used to read a book under the table. Newspapers are good too. particularly crosswords. Creating passionate employees ain’t easy.

    And either they ‘can’t bear to be alone with our thoughts’ implying a pathological need for social networks or they ‘have no social skills’ implying we are noddy-no-friends. I wish people would make up their mind.

    So good luck with stopping kids from participating in the ‘cute hip and cool’ digital reality. We should stamp out rocknroll too, while we are about it. 🙂

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