Qantas deleting frequent flyer points – choose or lose. Oh look, is there a loyalty program out there that doesn’t treat you like you are a nuisance? It’s almost as though the points are rewards but “carrots” to be dangled in front of our noses.

Don’t know why, but most loyalty programs cause me to feel distinctly disloyal. Everytime they say “no” to me – no to upgrades, no to changes, no you can’t have points, no you can’t use points, no you can’t give points to someone else, no no no – I want to scream NO back to them. No I won’t use your shitty service so I can get some meaningless points that I’ll never spend anyway.

Anyway, you’ve been warned. Qantas expects you to know about this, deal with it yourself, otherwise they will take your points away from you. ‘cos, y’know, it was too hard for them to put something in place, and you’ve got time to find out what to do, and they don’t. (more nutso decisions from Qantas on molt:n blog)

Actually, I quite liked United Star Alliance when I flew to the States a lot. They never flew with a business class seat empty so I got heaps more upgrades (I ended up Platininum). They would always call out 3 or 4 names at the Gate, with upgrade passes. I don’t even bother asking at the Qantas desk anymore.

What does this have to do with social networks? Well, a network uses ‘currency’ for what they ‘value’. Frequent flyer points could be a great currency system.  The more value the member gives the network – flying with them, using their services – the more points they get.  But deleting currency, deleting money, is a no-no. Just because Qantas doesn’t value it’s loyalty program (and sees it as a non-income earner) doesn’t mean the customer doesn’t value it. Wonder how much social network currency (and loyalty) they will lose, come March 31st?

By the way, my birthday is the week before, 24th March. *hint hint* whatcha gonna get me? 😛

EDIT 17 February – amusing followup email from Virgin to their database

If you’re a QANTAS Frequent Flyer you may have recently received communications suggesting that you consider moving points earned with credit and charge cards to their program by the end of March.

You don’t have to do anything of the sort

  • You can keep reward points with your bank or charge card provider ’til whenever you wish (within the bounds of your program of course).
  • The way we see it, it seems unfair that someone else is suggesting what you do with your points. That’s a choice for you alone to decide.
  • And just to set the record straight, the act of doing nothing (not moving those credit and charge card points) does not mean you’re about to lose them. All it means is that you prefer having a say in the matter of your points and how you choose to use them.

We believe in the simple things

Like giving you, our Members, the right to decide how to use the points earned with your credit and charge card reward programs. We don’t believe in telling you what to do (although we’re not shy of enticing from time to time – as with our current out-of-this-world bonus Points promo – but that’s another story).

So please don’t be spooked by the QANTAS changes. Just remember that what you do with your points – and when you do it – is completely up to you.

The Velocity Team 🙂

PS: Just remember that we’re always here as a transfer option, with our massive range of flights and a loyalty program that can get you right around the world – Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, V Australia^, Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue.

See, you don’t have to lose them. Only to Qantas. Virgin is making hay while the sun shines… speaking of which, what happened to summer in Sydney? Is it gone already? o.O