1. Thanks for alerting me to it… thankfully our card is fine, but very much concurr with the disloyalty i have for these points gatherers – Fly Buys hits the top of my list as the most useless.

    PS. I like the new look of your blog – very nice on the eye!

    PPS. Am finding the DMs from your updates in twitter a little much as i also get alerted via email.

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  2. Laurel…I think you may have slightly misunderstood this. QF isn’t “deleting” points. They’ve simply changed their program so that certain credit cards can no longer have their points transferred over to their QFF.

    1. @Anon I understand the difference technically but in reality… well put it this way. When someone who’s been saving their points for a flight tries to transfer them on April 1st or later in the year, and is told “you missed the deadline”, they will see it as wasted effort, and have a negative brand experience. Like trying to use Netherlands guilders 2 days after Europe switched to the Euro. Sucks.

      Either we (consumer and company) value the points and that brings the company benefit of loyalty. Or we don’t value them, in which case the program is a waste of time.

      We can’t have it both ways. 🙂

      @Claire glad to have been of help – if you didn’t find out from the posters at the airport, or from Qantas newsletters, at least I have been of service.

      Re: Twitter. Not sure why you are getting DMs of my updates, that’s not an ability that one person has over anothers account. I suggest you check SETTINGS (top of page), and only get emails of DMs and new followers?

      1. Good points Laurel. There’s no doubt that when you want to ‘cash in your chips’ as reward for loyalty just to be told you can’t, it leaves a rather unpleasant taste in the mouth. Heading to the coffee shop with your completed card to be told they’ve run out of beans, ain’t the best way to drive customer satisfaction.

        Annoying as that is though, I’d almost certainly go back to the coffee shop at a later date and claim my coffee. What’s more, I’d enjoy it too – after all, I’ve earnt it. Most likely, I’d then start another coffee card because I like the coffee there and I know I can get a free one every ninth visit.

        I guess it’s the same with flights. If you call up and can’t get a flight when you want it, you get off the phone pretty pissed off. However, you’ve earnt that free flight so you keep trying. And when you eventually do get one, (as I have recently for Thailand), the disappointment of the earlier event subsides.

        So, like the coffee shop, I’ll probably continue to use Qantas because it gives me everything I want, and I get something free at the end of it. What’s more, I’m able to get the ‘free something’ without even flying. I’ve just put a new kitchen and bathroom on my Qantas Earth credit card and it’s given me almost 70,000 points – hence the Thailand trip.

        As Anon said, I’m not sure Qantas are taking points away – they’re simply asking whether you want to keep your points in your credit card program or if you want to move them into Qantas.
        For me, I’ll be moving them. I don’t see any point having two coffee cards for different coffee shops offering the same coffee. It not only takes twice as long to get my free cup of coffee, I frankly can’t be bothered tracking two loyalty programs.

        The choice that you have make I guess is this – if you’re thinking of using your credit card reward points with Qantas either now or in the future, transfer. If not, keep them where they are.

        1. Yeah, Zed, you might persist because you feel you’d earnt the points, but I also suspect you’d think twice about it next time. After all if they’re not loyal to you why would you bother to be burnt a second time? And you’d certainly tell your mates about your bad experience so they’d have a negative view of the shop too. Not exactly the wisest marketing strategy.

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  3. Yeah, just read about this… My points wont be deleted from Qantas freqnt flyer… I just cant transfer my points from westpac altitude after this date. p.s nice blog format laurel

  4. Mate you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    They’re not taking points away from anyone, they’re ENCOURAGING people to get involved and transfer bank rewards points to QFF.

    Get your facts straight before slandering.


    1. Dear MCSaatchi otherwise known as Anon. Why not admit you are the agency handling the PR for this mess?

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