Who’s handling the launch of the current.tv in Australia, anyone know? I’ve got some ideas – and I don’t want the standard VCAD $1000 bucks for ’em either. šŸ˜› Anyone know the agencies that normally work with Foxtel? I spoke with Kim Williams and he said Foxtel was in discussions with current.tv. That was back in March just as current.tv doubled their subscriber base from 28 million in the US by adding in 25 million viewers from the U.K.

For those of you who’ve never heard of ’em, current.tv is a user generated channel with user generated ads. Oh shi….vers. I mean consumer generated media. Al Gore is the Chairman. 52 million viewers create the shows and choose the ones to go to air and create the ads and so on. Ignore idiots who point to YouTube as the uber video community online. It’s business model is stinkypoo compared to Joost and Current.TV. I wouldn’t be investing in host heavy, centralised pipes, unstructured community. Plus current.tv delivers the final content to real world TV. Think of a DIGG front end onto your EPG (electronic program guide). Alternately sit down for an evening’s viewing of what your friends have picked for you. *laughs* Joost doesn’t have the real world normal lounge room TV componenent, but it does have chat channels (many-to-many instant) and instant messaging (private one-to-one) overlaying the shows.

Not quite the same as heading home wonkily with glass in hand after a night of Californication with the girls at Cat’s place but close.

Not sure about this though (from their site):

Current is a peer-to-peer news and information network.

Considering that, unlike Joost (TV from eBay/Skype owners, running on bittorrent), it’s not technically a peer-to-peer news and information network. After all, we the viewer aren’t also the media distributor via mesh or bittorrent. But functionally, in the sense that ‘we media’ decide on the content, I guess it is.