1. It’s like it’s 2003-04 again…in America 🙂 The funny thing is that it has taken soooooo long for the journos here to even wake up to blogging ,and now it’s a threat they are lashing it. It will pass.

  2. in fairness though, it’s not all journos. It’s probably the same journos that don’t like PR people.

    some people just need something to condemn and some people are just plain insecure.

  3. @duncan oooh I was overseas for years (working with American SNs and MMORPGS) and just got back in 2005.

    @both – actually was being snarky at Andrew Keen and his followers. Not normal everyday journos. What’s up with Americans not being able to stand against him – any debate he is in, he wins! Totally that should not happen, it’s like the people speaking up for user generated content still don’t understand it’s true value… *puzzled*

  4. Sounds like the ‘real’ journos are just feeling a wee bit threatened.

    With good reason, when you look at some of the cr*p that the mainstream media is putting out there…

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