1. hmmm maybe. But I’m not the only smartypants who is thinking “gee if they have sacked 2 out of 14 staff that I know of – and those are a high profile 14 – just how many sackings are there in Telstra?”. Except that it is just a mix of poor management and co-incidence. Probably.

  2. Well, if you happen to know someone in Brisbane hiring, I’m looking for work!

    For the record, it’s about 12,000 sackings or retrenchments or whatever you want to call it over the next 5 years. This 2200 (well, net 500, thanks to the 1700 they’re hiring to cover us) is just the tip of the iceberg, I’m afraid.

    I thought that blog entry might get a little publicity. Go me.

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