A little while ago I wrote about OODLE.COM – a classifieds aggregator in the States.

Oodle makes it easy to use online classifieds. We bring together loads of listings from hundreds of local and national sources and help you find exactly what you’re looking for — the right job or place to volunteer, the perfect home, or a great deal on a used ladder.

Now in Australia we have MySpider.

How many times have you heard the cry – “Why is there not just one web-site I can go to when searching for a job?” (Australia’s 1.6 million Jobseekers) At myspider.com.au, Australia’s No. 1 Job Search Engine, we have found the answer to being LOST in cyberspace! The new generation specialised, online job search engine has been designed to help organise cyberspace. In contrast to existing job boards, myspider.com.au showcases content, but does not compete with them. As a specialised search engine, it does not accept job ads from employers, nor does it accept resumes from jobseekers.

It’s doubtful that traditional classifieds online, run by traditional media outlets, who don’t understand the value of a distributed channel, will allow this but good luck to ’em! I still think that social media classifieds is the way forward. Playing around with a beta site now. Well not right now, cos I’m skimming the ‘net and blogging. Avoiding installing more modules. I find Drupal really hard to grasp. And how do people look at sites and say stuff like “oh, it’s web 2.0 with Ajax and look they are using an old version of Joomla with xyz module”? I just go to a site and say “ooooh look it has autocomplete and a pretty logo” 😛