Australia: Bebo and the case for bloggers

I get confused when PR people launch a service ignore niche communities online. But it’s addles my poor brain even more when it’s a Web 2.0 service provider ignoring We Media. Sooooo, I found this a little mind-boggling: traditional media > than bloggers when promoting social networking sites? I may have missed one of you, but I went through blogs from Ad:Tech (february) onwards and didn’t see any of you lot talking up Bebo. :

PR Case study – Bebo 7 June 2007

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Small business PR Bebo is a global social networking website which aims to bring together like-minded individuals who are creative, expressive and socially aware. Bebo has over 31 million members worldwide and is the largest social network in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand and one of the top three social networks in the US, Canada and Australia.

With no offices in Australia or New Zealand, Bebo turned to CP Communications to raise its profile and increase its brand awareness with advertisers in the region. Starting from scratch, with no profile within the marketing, advertising and business media, CP Communications launched Bebo to the industry through education and a concerted pitching effort.

CPC developed a list of key journalists to target and pitched Bebo to them. CPC tailors US and UK media releases to the local market and distributes them. CPC also coordinated and executed a successful media tour, with visiting US Manager and organised for him to speak at Ad:tech.

Media coverage has included a feature article in Marketing Magazine, of which Bebo Global Communications Director Sarah Gavin said, “Wow… this a brilliant piece! Thank you for all your hard work and patience in making this happen. I am so pleased – great job.”

Coverage has also been achieved in B&T, IT Wire, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, which has resulted in significantly improved brand awareness and profile within in the online advertising media agencies. NZ media coverage includes the national evening TV news on TVNZ, The Dominion Post, and the NZ Herald.

I’m not sure what to think – it’s quite clear that no bloggers regarding social networks (me included) were approached to help promote. And given that most of us (me included) post up relevant press releases for free, one wonders why? I’m genuinely asking, not even a little bit miffed, it’s no skin off my nose if they don’t use free channels into their niche market. I teach courses on blogging and social networks, and like to use new examples, but hey ho. I found out about the Bebo initiative from this Catriona’s blog, NOT from a newspaper or TV. heh. Such is (digital) life.

But it is perplexing; after all, those who blog, wiki and online communitee (how do i make that a verb?) are less than engrossed in traditional mediums. But it’s probably because anyone in Australia who is online, moved onto Facebook in the last few weeks, most of whom into my social network. 😛 I guess that just leaves those who don’t blog left for Bebo, and that other new one that I forget at the moment.

Regarding Facebook, you can find me twittering on there (yes, I gave in and use it now) and here’s my lulzkitty for this hour:

Don’t forget to stop by and pet my Panda – her name is Cuddles. There’s some interesting discussions on Web 3.0 and Semantic over there. Hey John! I promoted your Microformats book! givemeacopyokthnxbai. Ooops, I said I promo for free, didn’t I? heh.

Shall I write to Bebo/CPC and ask ’em; enquiring minds want to know why they aren’t using social networks to promote their social network tool. Just as soon as I feel better. *sneezes onto screen*

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