The fish are: Media Salesmanius, Marketus Directus, Startup Emergius, Peeyarus Agencis, Pitchus Winnus and others on the PDF.

BandT have an awards night coming up

Which species are you?

B&T is looking for the best of breed – entries are now open for the B&T Awards. Go to to download an entry form. The closing date is September 26. (PDF here)

– Advertising Agency of the Year
– Media Agency of the Year
– PR Agency of the Year
– Specialist Agency of the Year
– New Zealand Agency of the Year
– State Agency of the Year
– Emerging Agency of the Year
– Experiential Agency of the Year
– Employer of the Year
– Interactive Agency of the Year
– Design Agency of the Year
– Digital Services Company of the Year
– DM Agency of the Year
– Best ad campaign
– Best digital campaign
– Best single advertisement
– Best media planning
– Best PR strategy
– Marketing Team of the Year
– Media Brand of the Year
– Media Sales Team of the Year
– Young Achiever of the Year

Heres’ a closeup example:

So what fish are you?

Socialis Networkus move in swarms. (flickr: suneko)

I’m the one in the middle. No, not that one, the pink one! I move with the others, we look like one big fish. The Biggest Fish in the ocean. Bigger than those agency fish. We provide more content, more distribution, more discussion, more direction, more movement and colour, than those agency fish. But nobody has realised yet, just how big we are. Good thing really, otherwise they’d slap advertising stickers over our fins.

Which fish are you?

Cute advertisement, btw.