1. Banning whole domains is a technically stupid measure to begin with, because the collateral damage (in terms of both wrongly included content, and missed content) is enormous, even if you have the best possible criteria balancing Inappropriate Content with educational, informative content within a domain. Also, it’s incredibly easy to get around. Just use a proxy, folks.

    Anyway. Given that schools are meant to educate people on how to live in the world (which includes the Internet), one would think that it’s necessary to educate on the ugly bits (whatever you think they are, whether it’s sex or social timewasting or war). The conversation goes something like this:

    Adult: You mustn’t use social websites like Facebook.
    Student: Why not?
    Adult: They’re a waste of time.
    Student: Then why are so many people using them? Like all my friends?
    Adult: … your friends are stupid. Also, predators look for victims there!

    Student sees forbidden fruit, takes a bite. Sees nothing wrong with it, is not kidnapped, and so dismisses Adult’s rule as stupid, diminishing Adult’s credibility on future occasions.

    If you’re going to tell an intelligent human being (including teenagers) not to do something, you need to explain why *and provide evidence*, and actually convince them. Otherwise you’re wasting your time. If they’re not convinced, maybe you shouldn’t be either.

    Lucas’s last blog post..Pattie Maes’ Sixth Sense technology: What’s stopping this?

    1. I was recently in Singapore and walked into a shop and there was a 10 year old boy behind the counter watching Youtube videos. This immediately made me homesick for my own young sons who were probably at that moment doing the same thing. This is a global phenomenon and it’s a great leveler between cultures and various communities and age groups. The potential is enormous and to ban its use is just stupid in the extreme. You can’t stop kids using these services and if you do it only makes them more attractive to them. The benefits far outweigh the downsides and the sooner schools start to use Youtube and other social networking sites as educational resources the better. Let’s train the bureaucrats and the teachers I say.

      Peter Giles’s last blog post..Obama’s online community mobilisation

  2. Delicious shallow irony one.

    DET NSW having their own youtube channel http://tinyurl.com/cfykxa deemed inappropriate for DET schools, in schools.

    Cracks me up every time. I know, easily amused. So sad, it’s true. Them, not me.

    Nannified DETs may eventually emerge from their open source hibernations, but by then Skirky’s “Here Comes Everyone” will morph into “Who the Hell is left?”

    Delicious irony, slightly deeper, two.

    DET’s glacial learning attitudes are providing internal solvent that’ll dissolve their own future relevancy, ala Pesce’s fluid learning.

    Now that is a double choc yummy Trojan irony.

    Wonder when, or if, they’ll get it? They may well end up as marginalised box tickers of mandated policy and little else, Here’s hoping.

    I really wonder who’ll be left for DET to cloister, restrict, censor, protect, ban, control or damage?

    A dose of “digital/social media walking the walk”(open source NOT portal silos) is the tonic needed by DET lead learners, like nowski!

    Ban them? DET that is.

    No they are doing just fine themselves. The DET school fish can’t even see their own tank water is rapidly turning septic because they keep pi%$ing in it.

    Yeah, stoopid whitelist pipes and filters on learning annoy the hell out of this little red duck learner. My Rant, officially now, in hiatus.

    Tony Searl’s last blog post..Diving in the Deeper End?

  3. #
    Laurel Papworth is SilkCharm
    SilkCharm_steamLaurel has been creating and managing virtual communities for 20 years, teaching social media for the last 5 years and was named Industry Head, Social Media by Marketing Magazine (Australia) in 2010. Number #4 Women blogger in Australia. More on the About page if interested.
    Not sure about your creditation after reading your narrow minded unimformed strog comments….you cant be serious?

    After reading your comments regarding Al Upton…..I am again convinced that so called educated people like yourself should keep you self promoting opinions to your self because you will end up looking like and ignorant joke who is too lazy to resaerch a topic fully before you blindly follow and comment on something you know nothiong about. People like you feel as if the world will be interested in your thoughts and misguided uninformed opinions which are directed towards afested parties who have had to do the hard yards and deal with a situation being -DECS and also the parents who had has to deal with someone who broke every rule in the book. You have no idea how bad he performed… no idea of how bad things were. This is what is wrong with the internet and blogging….people like you point blame and hurt people who just dont have the time or the energy to ,make comment or get involved to justify what you are commenting on. Have some respect for all the parents who signed the permission under extreme pressure and dodgy circumstances. They received completley misguided information to then receive a product that they never agreed upon. Do your god damn reasearch properly and dont listen to one teachers view_ or other sheep before you open your mouth- because when the truth comes out you will look like a joke and you may also look like someone who looks like they have spent 1 minute in the social; media not 5-20 as you would like peole to respect you for. What do you know about Al Uptons site who have you spoken too. Try speaking to the parents anfd the former principal and the parents who formed a group to then write him a list of concerns that he binned!!!!! Ask him about the nudity on the site and the loss of passwords along with not informing parents their children were speaking to adults in Adelaide and the world. This is only a few of many many many. Do YOUR SELF A FAVOUR AND DO SOME HOMEWORK. These are yr 3 kids and it looks as if you have no idea what they were exposed too. And the parents are very loving and open minded peole who could not beleive what was going on with their children.

    Oh and as an E-teacher – you have to be kidding!

  4. Dear “James”

    Anonymously speaking for a group of people and slandering a worthy educator who has handled the situation professionally and with great grace tells everyone who has read your comment everything they need to know about you and your credibility.


  5. You are a lazy….hehehlol! and I looked you up ….and based on your narrow minded mislea opinions I and my contacts would never use your services- if this is the way you do your research on a situation.

    You said regarding Al Upton- As professional teacher who has handled the situation with grace…..LOLO…please…..You are supporting a freind of yours who is a copmlter bumbling amature as a teracher and an e- teacher. You have yet spoken to the children and the parents to get the full stroy. Ask him about the bogus permisson sliped he posted that that magically had a sentebce palced in regarding mentors. Parets didnt sign this.
    Ask him about the nudity the kids were seeing ..
    ask him about the vulgar language the kids saw
    ask him about the group of parents that wrote him a ltter regarding their concerns and he binned it.
    Ask him about the lost passwords that he would not give to the parents.
    ask him about the site that was supposed to be secure but the public could easily speak to the kids at any time.
    Ask him why he didnt tell the parents the kids were speaking to adults and they found this out when a child was speaking to an adult in Adelaide near the child. Know one signed for this contrary to what he says.
    Ask him about trying to remove chuildren from the class if they didnt want their phot online- Permanent removale too. This is very upsetting for the children

    . Oh and while your there ask him about why he would post amments from the parents on his blog….just ones supporting him. Oh and theres so much more but I am not going to wate my time with an ignorant follower like you who is very lazy and rightpous. Dont worry when the report comes out I look forward to hearing you swallow you pride….heheheh.
    Just before I go…If this way of teaching and introducing a program to the school is fine with you then …you couldnt possibly give advise to anyone in this fiel… could you …please tell me it aint so!! God help your customers and anyone workin with you. LAZY!! heheh

  6. Oh and one more thing

    Be and good educator and correct my spelling mistakes would you….be useful to someone at least.

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