Just a quick update on this old blog post about the Future Melbourne wiki and Government 2.0:

The first round of collaborative drafting in the Future Melbourne wiki has now finished. Over the coming months the plan will continue to evolve under the guidance of the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne Team.

Future Melbourne have won the Planning Excellence in Local Gov 2008 Award:

Future Melbourne has been awarded the 2008 Award for Planning Excellence in Local Government from the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) Victorian Division. The Awards recognise achievements and contributions across a diverse range of professional and technical fields. You can read more about the City of Melbourne’s achievement on page 19 here.

I think the Future Melbourne wiki is built in Twiki – a good use of open source no? Wonder why they didn’t use MediaWiki (Wikipedia’s wiki software) as that is also open source?
I like it when Government uses social media to stay in contact with citizen voter. Makes me think they may come up to something like ‘real time’ engagement with us.