*yawn* We’ve been through this before – Australian Traditional Media: Just STOP it – but let’s face it, dissing Facebook to the press is what you do when you want media coverage yourself – for your own social network I mean. In this case, Paul Tyrrell is speaking for Linkedme.com.au:

Price of Facebook
Australians addicted to Facebook are costing their bosses almost $3000 each a year, a study shows.
Almost half of the 2800 Facebook users surveyed admitted that the website at work with 20 per cent using it more than two hours a week.
Paul Tyrrell, Development Manaer for Linkme.com.au, said that, on the average salary of %55,000, those two hours a week were costing companies $2700 per employee per year

… and as linkedme.com.au is a LinkedIn style recruitment site, I’m sure employers would be so much happier with their staff seeking out new jobs rather than their friends wall posts!

And that was the full article – just those 3 lines. No mention of the amount of important networking, contacts made, and contracts handed out due to Facebook friends. *yawn*

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