Sydney, Australia: Panel on the Business of Twitter at ad:tech. I’m on 2 panels at ad:tech -this is one of ’em. Lifted from JyeSmith who is the Chairperson/convenor/bottomsmacker:

On Tuesday, March 10 I’ll be leading a panel discussion at ad:tech, Sydney.  I’ll be joined by Gavin Heaton, Laurel Papworth and Mike Hickinbotham as we discuss how you and your company can drive value and return for your business.

I’m incredibly flattered by this opportunity and would really look forward to seeing you all there. As we discuss the following:

  • How Twitter can support business objectives
  • The evolution of the B2C Twitter relationship
  • The value of Twitter networks
  • How to monetise Twitter for business impact

The session will kick off at 4:35PM and I can give you a 20% discount if you contact me directly.

My thoughts.

I believe that Twitter is a fantastic example of the power and inflence online communities and social media can have.  But with all great power, comes great responsibility (thank you, Spideman).  When talking to companies I like to highlight the important of authenticity and dedication.  Through this, powerful networks can gain incredible reach.

Anyone who can quote business, Spiderman and Twitter in one post – well, I can’t top that.  By the way, we are @silkcharm (me), @servantofchaos (gavin heaton), @jyesmith (guess) and @m_hickinbotham if you want to follow us on Twitter.