1. Hi Laurel,

    Meg was way ahead of the ‘paid’ press hounds on this one!

    Revenue share is top of our agenda. As you point out, the available pligg modules make this a likely option.


    Dan Walsh – Kwoff

  2. AdNews is written by and for people who can’t read, can’t write, and who think that throwing off a few swear words in column makes them intelligent.

    And you just have to be amused by their current supplement on 40 under 40 rising stars. In any other field, these people would be nowhere near considered big achievers. Their advertising people for God’s sake.

  3. Dan, I sent you an email about having kwoffee. Oops. I mean…

    Anonymous: My AdNews is rotting in it’s plastic bag. I’m tempted to take it out and see what you’re talking about – I’m guessing 40 young’uns under 40 years of age that have done…advertising? o.O

  4. Great

    That’s all we need, another “news” site run by those lefty, one eyed, commie c__k suckers from crikey.

  5. oh no, it’s not run by them. It’s run by us, We Media. If the whole thing gets overrun by Little Johnny supporters, not a darn thing Crikey can do about it, but pull the plug. The only lefty, one eyed cask sucking journos will be Citizen* ones. Probably duking it out with right-wing, one eyed cask sucking Citizen Journos. šŸ™‚

    In fact, the issue is going to be how they manage the opposing forces. It can drive up votes (and page hits/visits/members) up, but the trolls will come out to flame. (for newbies, that means big arguments about issues that become subjective, defamatory and downright bitchy. Not to mention personal attacks and in-real-life threats to spouse, children and small animals).

    If Crikey have a clear vision of Social Media, they will pull ahead of Traditional Media and use all that lovely passion to drive commitment. But… well, we’ll see.

    *note: I am never citizen anything. Princess only, please.

  6. The Kwoffey Guy had a long piece on one of those high brow Radio National Programmes yesterday morning. It was very fair and really gave them a chance to explain what they were about. I even left the room for a while and they were still talking. Interesting.

  7. Hi Laurel,

    Thanks for your constructive feedback. Bruised egos are always fun. I spoke with Dan Walsh for the story you’ve mentioned and it was he who said Kwoff would be the first social news site in Australia. Perhaps you should take issue with him – can’t you social news people be trusted??

    Also, I don’t know who this “anonymous” is, but isn’t it self explanatory that a 40 under 40 report published in an “advertising” magazine would feature people who have achieved things in, well, advertising?

  8. “Perhaps you should take issue with him – can’t you social news people be trusted??”

    Hmmm Mark? The difference between us “social news” people and you is that YOU get paid to do research and check your sources, we do it voluntarily, for free, for fame not fortune.

    A simple Google search on “social news” + Australia would’ve revealed all… Meg’s post first, Bloggerati second, Kwoff third and this ‘ere blog fourth.

    And you are welcome, always happy to help šŸ™‚

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