Action: Vote this up, please?
Hello? 2 months too late Mark Chenery! from AdNews Latest News:

SYDNEY: Australia’s first social news website,, was officially launched today, allowing members to recommend and vote for their favourite news stories.

I suppose my little dinky social news site Bloggerati Australia doesn’t count? *pouts* Ok, i agree, it’s a cute bookmarking site for web 2.0 news -but…. What about the other sites that Aussies have worked long and hard on?

Megalicious from Blogpond rounded up them up, at the end of August:
confer – general
Redruby – financials
Too Right – politics

and others. Mark Chenery should get in contact with Meg Tsiamis – her research skills, albeit as a citizen journalist… ace his copying and pasting of a press release. Funny, Meg doesn’t get paid…

Dan Walsh from Kwoff writes

We are in the final throes of launching and are hoping to expand the minds of mainstream surfers who only dip into one or two mastheads only.

We think social media can open the minds of the average web user to the depth of content that exists in .AU (blogs, photos, video and audio – we know a lot of superior Australian content exists)

Our initial focus includes Politics/Business and Culture.

I’d invite anyone intersted to drop in and give us their opinion in our final beta week –

Kwoff have the following categories; General, Business & Finance, Politics, Humour, Environment, Sport, Culture, Mind & Body, Technology, Entertainment, Miscellaneous.

Thanks Meg!

Launched by Crikey founder Stephen Mayne, writer and barrister Greg Barnes and new media consultant Dan Walsh, Kwoff will not introduce advertising space for at least the next six to twelve months, while the site finds its feet and grows its user base.

Anyway, I’ve been on at Crikey for ages to do something with their network. I just hope they decide to revenue share back with their Citizen Journalists – it is a PLIGG site, so its a basic module. Vote the revenue share blogpost up at Kwoff, please?

BTW, What are the fireworks for, on the Harbour? *puzzled*