Remember when I was talking about consumer advocacy groups online and how organised they are? Here’s another example – from the same group, The Parent’s Jury:

Parents condemn Shrek marketing

SYDNEY: Kellogg, Arnott’s and SPC are among several junk food marketers accused of saturating the country’s supermarket shelves with Shrek the Third marketing paraphernalia this week.

Consumer advocate group The Parents Jury is up in arms after major supermarkets have jam-packed their shelves with Shrek-branded products in recent weeks, including sugary cereals, chocolate, lollies, chocolate spread and sweet desserts.

The Parents Jury argue that junk food marketers should not directly target children, and that doing so actively encourages ‘pester power’.

More here at AdNews.

The Parents Jury has been the thorn in the side of the advertising and marketing industry since its inception in August 2004. It has attracted the wrath of peak industry bodies such as the AANA, which argues that advertisers self-regulating their marketing activity is the best outcome for everyone.

yeah, well, batten down the hatches, cos don’t look now but there’s a tsunami of thorns about to crash down on advertising. Get ya swimming cossies out… – australian for swimsuit or bathing costume 🙂