Who are Australia’s top marketing and media bloggers? Not decided by the local BlogMafia -heh – but internationally recognised and independently evaluated?

This is the list. Again. Six months on. My original blog post, exactly six months ago. Where are we up to? For Lee Hopkins, who asked today on Twitter about getting access to an updated Top Marketing and Media bloggers list for Australia. As you can see, their ranking in Australia is left column, then the blog name, their ranking in August last year, their ranking today, and for fun, their Twitter ID if I have it handy.

Blog Name and real nameAug-08Feb-09Twitter
1ProBlogger (uber blogger Darren Rowse)108problogger
2Bannerblog (Ashley Ringrose, Ashadi Hopper)6680
3Servant of Chaos Gavin Heaton14593servantofchaos
4Inspiration Room Daily98
5AcidLabs (Stephen Collins)128trib
6Young PR (oi! Paull Young is in NY now!)123163paullyoungPR
7Get Shouty (cheers Katie Chatfield!)295177KatieChatfield
8Social Networks Laurel Papworth156195SilkCharm
9Adspace Pioneers (Greetings Julian Cole)465214juliancole
10Better Communication Results (Lee Hopkins)190228leehopkins
11PersonalizeMedia (my cutie, Gary Hayes)391247garyphayes
12This Ain’t No Disco316
13Media Hunter (Craig Wilson)343323mediahunter
14Duncan’s TV Ad Land now InspirationRoomDaily
15The Marketer (Gordon ‘Dangerous’ Whitehead)365392
16Pigs Don’t Fly (Zac Martin)702431zacmartin
17Business of Marketing and Branding (David Koopmans)282432
18ineedhits Search Marketing Blog474449
19Amnesia Blog 461
20PR Disasters Gerry McCusker388464
21Corporate Engagement (hi Trevor Cook! )347556
23Jax Rant ( Jacqueline Weschler)618613
24Creative is not a department650davidgillespie
25Copywrite (Jonathan Crossfield)665kimota
26Marketing Easy673lucio_ribeiro
27Shifted Pixels (Nick Holmes a’Court)623686nickhac
28Zebra Bites702zebrabites
29Ryan’s View (Ryan Peal)638709ryanpeal
30The Jason Recliner (Vando, from his armchair)640710
31Slice Media ( Kylie Lewis)796864kylielewis
32Innovation Feeder (Jen Stumbles)752907
33Frontiering Talk917
34Increase Web Traffic @ Traffic2MyPage.com731924
35Ignite (agency blog)692

Please note – this is AdAge (international) Power150 list of Most Influential Bloggers – I simply extracted out the Australian names. Same as I did six months ago.There’s no arbitrary dropping our top online marketing blogger off the list (Darren Rowse) or me adding anything in the way of a SilkCharm point system. I mean I could, but in many cases here, we are not comparing apples with oranges. Plus, people get grumpy with me, if I don’t give them 11 out of 10. And sulk. And I can’t bear it when they cry. So just assume I gave everyone 11 out of 10, ok?

Some things to note: agency blogs are often written by a number of people – so a group blog. In fact Inspiration Daily is more of a microcommunity portal (many to many) than a blog (one/few -to-many), no? A few people – me included – changed domain names so we lost our link love. *shrugs* but we all seem to be on our way back up again.

I’ve been interested to see the movements. Some people have gained massively – in spite of the number of blogs being tracked going from 826 to 947.  Others have dropped substantially. I couldn’t find Ignite/Igloo/Gloo at all on the list,but that might be me not seeing clearly? There are people who probably should be on the list – but someone has to nominate them to AdAge Todd Andrlyk and Charlie Moran.

Only in our field (media, marketing) would we rate so highly based on links. I have a friend with 10-15x the traffic I get – well over 10-15k of readers per day, hundreds of comments –  but none of her readers blog, so she doesn’t get the Google Juice. I think her Technorati rating is 32 which is plain ridiculous.

Speaking of Technorati, it’s a dodgy measurement system at the best of times. Sometimes I’m at around 120 on Power150 list if Technorati finds all my links. Others I drop 100 points. Mostly on weekends, when this blog goes to, oh, around 300. I think they must manually run a cleaning filter on Mondays. What does your Technorati ranking usually run at? And it’s also just plain weird that mine is already at 71 after only a few weeks of operation on this new URL. I wonder where it will be in 3 months?

Also note,  a lot of Power150 bloggers share the same points. So if you have 52 points, you are arbitrarily placed on a list with 10 or 20 other bloggers with 52 points. You can change 10 or 20 places just by swapping with another on the same step as you.

As always with top lists, take it in your stride. Note what the blogger is doing well, that makes them popular, decide if it suits you or not, and keep practising/playing. No right or wrong answers, do it for passion not Power150 lists.

Please check Twitter IDs, I have to hop off now, without checking thoroughly. Thank me later, Lee.

EDIT: Just a quick lesson for B&T- locked down, flash-ized webpage

bandtTranslates after six months into

bandtnowAdAGe on the other hand, are still pulling in massive traffic everytime someone like me blogs their list or points to a widget. C’mon guys, get it together. You should be living high on the long tail of your content!