Each week I participate in a live podcast with CameronReilly, CEO of The Podcast Network, the currently voiceless Bronwen Clune, CEO of PerthNorg and Duncan Riley, of TechCrunch. The whole thing has progressed in an interesting fashion.

The first week, we just skyped together as a normal podcast. Then it went up on 2webcrew site for people to listen to.

Then we UStreamed the whole thing so that people could chat in a chatroom while listening.

Then it got embedded in Tangler – voice, webcam of Duncan Riley chatting on while at MacWorld, live chat room and so on.

Last week, we invited listeners to give us their Skype details so we could “dial them in” for the discussion.

The 2 Web Crew #17 – Saying Sorry, Web2.0 for Social Activism, Project Chanology, Tangler Changes and more!

Join World Communities’ Laurel Papworth, Tangler’s Mick Liubinskas and The Podcast Network’s Cameron Reilly for a chat about:

  • Where Web2.0 and Australia’s “Sorry” connect
  • What happened to Tangler’s CEO and Founder, Marty Wells
  • Project Chanology and Scientology
  • How we use Web2.0 for Social Activism
  • More thoughts about MicroHoo
  • Filtering “Friends”
  • And we have “talkback” with long-time listener, first time caller Jodie Miners coming on to give us a review of her eeeeePC.

    This show was recorded with a live audience via Ustream and with live audience participation via Tangler.

    Read the live shownotes from the Tangler forum.

    Download the latest podcast from iTunes or TPN here. Old uStream site. Put stuff on the Tangler agenda for Wednesday. And then participate (Wednesday 1pm Sydney) live here.

    Citizen Talkback Radio. Tasty. 🙂