Ars Technica – Plagiarism?

Lots of chat at the moment online about Ars Technica being plagiarists.

Here’s some of the discussions – Duncan Riley:

I’ve always liked Ars, but lately I’m starting to wonder. I’ve heard people allege previously that all Ars does is rip stories off, particularly from MSM sources, and never credits. But here’s an example that is so blatant, its sickening:

Long Zheng at istartedsomething: Microsoft files patent for possible taskbar replacement (July 15 Australian EST)

Ars Technica: Microsoft patent gives a peek at the future beyond the taskbar (July 16 USCT…and no credit for the story).

and Paris Lemon:

Another Classic Rip-Off Job By Ars Technica

Ars Technica is really good at stealing other’s ideas. Plain and simple.

Anyone else, and I may have given them a pass that they came up with what seems to be the exact same approach to a story that I took last week. Not Ars Technica. They’ve done this before. To many people. Many times. I’m hardly the only one who has noticed it.

Apparently – according to comments – they read blog posts on a Meme for about 2 days then sort out the best answers, aggregate it and put it up as if it’s their thoughts.

The ‘net doesn’t mind any of that except the last – gotta hat tip, if you want to win in social media. As for me, I’m boycotting Ars Technica until this get’s sorted… (and oops, hat tip from Twitter: Michael Arrington, TechCrunch)

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