Architect 2.0 Andrew Maynard (Australia)

I listened to this video of Andrew Maynard (I rarely watch videos) and although he was talking about architecture and sustainability, not pixels and bytes, he really had in his voice, The Voice of The Generation. Have a listen and you’ll hear what I mean – it’s beyond Architecture but a way of living for a new generation.

  • Passion.
  • Eco-Design.
  • Activism.
  • Fun. Games.
  • Mashups.
  • Portfolio of Talents.
  • Equality.
  • Interactive Architecture not Passive Designs.

(What 3D program is playing in the background of that video?? Some virtual 3D CAD or is it a Second Life style world? And sorry SMH doesn’t allow understand the consumer as free advertising and disallows embedding of Ads. Errr. Video).

Here’s some snippets I (mis)quote as I listen

  • Hottest young architect – eco-design, responsible intelligent design,
  • Architecture is an art form where people are forced to interact – not an art gallery
  • Integrating the “built” with natural environment is important
  • Architects have a lot to offer and not just the wealthy, Australia only has 5% houses designed by architects and that is a problem especially with eco-design
  • “You are a long time dead, I mean, how many mistakes can I really make?” On setting up his own company at 27 y.o.
  • “Sitting in an office drawing someone elses vision (or lack of vision) …” *falls asleep* Heh. Other generations just sucked it up. He seemed dismissive of architects not coming into their own until 45 years of age. We should introduce him to Howard Roark πŸ˜›
  • Keep drawing, keep having fun, keep being subversive. (Computer game generation)
  • Environmental activism through design and architecture.
  • Keeping it simple so that eco-design doesn’t cost more. Makes it sustainable
  • Portfolio work methodology – not just houses, not just corporate but also products. (How Gen Y to have multiple strings to their bow!)
  • Accolades not as important as purely designing and laughing and joking about design (getting inspiration from games/fun).
  • He even calls his group meetings Mashups or something.

A little video I found on YouTube:

I know this blog post a little ‘out there’ – I usually stay focussed on social networks and social media – but if I forgot he was talking about Architecture and building shoeboxes, he could’ve been talking about media and websites and online community stuff.

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