Watching the iPad buzz building in Australia where TNT not FedEx are the delivery dudes. Steve Jobs is Father Christmas and TNT deliveries his sleigh.  I wonder if TNT know their staff member is doing an awesome job of building TNT brand love in the geeky and no so geeky communities online? From a post called 7,800 iPads ready for delivery in Sydney -the TNT delivery guy is doing an bodacious job of exciting the easily excitable iPad soon-to-be-owners:

Smile 7,800 iPads ready for delivery in Sydney

they have been sitting in our depot for the last 2 days all leave has been canceled and we have to start work early on Friday (5am) the bad news is…. there is no way we will be able to deliver that many in one day

Santa Steve Jobs should be with an iPad....

just over 100 drivers = about 70 extra delivery stops each over and above our normal work

Wetherill park area 2 drivers, 18 deliveries….. should be few problems
Chatswood area 2 drivers, 350 deliveries…. only the lucky will get one on Friday

if you (or somebody) are not at your delivery address to sign for your iPad and have to arrange re-delivery it could take till mid next week to clear the backlog

hope the members here are in the lucky group that get there’s early

Suddenly everyone from everywhere – tamworth, wa, brisbane everywhere – are asking questions. I’m always a bit suspicious when it’s a new account “Way to get attention with your first post.” but this one seems legit.

My favourite comment by far:

Hi, I have a question.. Can you please find my iPad and tell it that I love it and we’ll be together soon?
And if you could sing Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ to it as well that would be great.

If you see any “haul” videos or photos or blog posts please let me know? Haul = TNT delivering the box, the unpacking of the box, the crying and shouts of jubilation and so on.

if I was TNT

I’d be handing the drivers TheFlip video cameras (or Bloggies or whatever) , dress them up with Apple t-shirts or hats or do something else. Community Rites of Passage like this happen rarely (Christmas and Easter way to obvious, Talk Like A Pirate Day way too obscure). Make the most of being a happy service provider to a happy community.

Before the “TNT broke my iPad, dropped my iPad off at wrong address, lost my iPad” bitching starts….

*presses nose up against the window* Is it here yet? is it here yet? is it here yet?